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Topic: Favourite Albums Lyrically

AuthorTopic posted on: Friday, December 05, 2008 1:16:40 AM
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what are your favourite albums based solely on the lyrics? rephrased: what albums do you think have the best lyrical performances in them throughout the whole album? try to give at least a few from each decade if you can.
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Eric B. & Rakim- Paid In Full
(Lyrical wizardry at the time!)
Slick Rick-The Great Adventures of....
(A book with Lyrical short stories in the form of music!)

I Takes A Nation Of Millions....-Public Enemy/Criminal Minded-BDP
(extremely POWERFUL lyrics)

N.W.A.-Straight out of Compton
(aaahhh...Profanity!..the next level of Lyricism!)

Tung Twista-Runnin' Off At The Mouth
(fast,faster,fastest lyrics!!)

(See Paid In Full reference!LOL!)

Busta Rhymes-The Coming
(Lyrical EXCITEMENT in its purest form)

Ras Kass-Soul On Ice
(..prolly one of the Illest lyrical albums ever)

Outkast- ATLiens/Aquemini
(fine tuned Lyrical FLOWS)

ATCQ-Peoples instinctive travels..../Low End Theory
De La Soul-3 feet high and rising
(Conscious yet mind-bogglin lyrcs)...I'll post more later!
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Cool thread.

These are a few album off the top of the dome.

1. Diverse One A.M.
2. Common - Resurrection
3. Redman - Dare iz a Darkside
4. Artifacts - That's Them
5. Company Flow - Funcrusher +
6. Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein
7. Keith Murray - The Most Beautifullest Thing
8. Keith Murray - Enigma
9. Jermiside - The Biology on Kingship
10. Thought Breakers - Episode I
Modern Indian
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In no particular order

Binary Star - Masters of Universe
Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full
Ditto - Follow the Leader
Wu-Tang - Enter the Wu-Tang
GZA - Liquid Swords
Aceyalone - Book of Human Language
Boogie Down Productions - By All Means Necessary
Kool G Rap & Polo - Wanted: Dead or Alive
O.C. - Word...Life
Organized Konfusion - Self-Titled
Nas - Illmatic
AZ - Doe or Die
the weatherman
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Total Posts: 17968
just a couple on my mind:

big l - lifestyles ov da poor & dangerous
-probably one of my favourite albums lyrically and the inspiration for making this post
nas - illmatic
wu tang - 36 chambers, liquid swords, cuban lynx, wu-tang forever (because of it's diversity), supreme clientelle, etc.
all of rakim's albums
ultramagnetic mc's - critical beatdown
big daddy kane - long live the kane and it's a big daddy thing
black moon - ente da stage
madvillain - madvillainy
biggie - ready to die
K for Knewrawtick
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check out this album and tell me what you think then...

Snatch Beats Presents:

Knewrawtick ft. Meauxx 'Buddha Minded Prophet' mixed by Dj Mr.FLix

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self explanatory


ever song has a message or means something
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Ace One- Book of Human Language
tic toc
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chino xl here to save
ras kass soul on ice
nas illmatic
ghostface supreme clien
slick rick adventures
typical cats 1st album
slim shady LP
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honestly below the heavens
fred glassy
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cosign typical cats, illmatic, reasonable doubt, soul on ice
also vakill worst fears confirmed
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damn weatherman are you going to take that
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