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Topic: Top 10 Rappers That Have....

AuthorTopic posted on: Sunday, February 08, 2009 11:16:05 PM
Old's Cool
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10. Red Hot Lover Tone - was known to brag
about his being well hung in his rhymes

9. 50 Cent - would probably rank higher if not for the steroids

8.Shaq Diesel - no explanation needed

7.Snoop Dogg - lanky muhfukah

6.Jay-Z - big lips usually = big dick

5.Everlast - always been underated because of his color, same rule applies here

4.Rhymefest - he just looks like he does

3.Redman - soopahman lova baby!

2.Biggie - got the cleanest meanest penis

1.Big Daddy Kane - anybody ever seen those old videos with the silk pajamas, nuff said

a couple of these selections could be switched around but for the most part I think this is a pretty solid list(no pun intended)

Who's your top 10?
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10. Lil Flip (Tha Freestyle King)

9. Lil Wayne- He might have lil in his name but his dick is the complete opposite

8. Gza- I'd imagine him having a pretty big dick

7. Birdman- He is Lil Wayne's pops

6. Jay-Z- You can tell he has a big dick cuz of his dick sucking lips

5. DMX- When he's not smoking crack his dick can get pretty extensive

4. KRS One- If his dick is anywhere as big as his nose, he's in the good

3. Bonecrusher (Doods dick must be huge)

2. Juicy J (he's skinny but he packs alot of meat)

1. Big Boi (Nuff said)
Old's Cool
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no homo of course
Old's Cool
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I don't think you put much effort into your list NHL. Some of those selections are pretty garbage.

But Bonecrusher was good.
nickel plated
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I'm speaking from experience dood.
Old's Cool
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yeah right, I heard that before

sure buddy
eighty five
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what a faggot
Old's Cool
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Old's Cool
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you guys probably like rappers with small dicks.

fuckin loosers
phizil skizill
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10. Big Pun
9. Big Boi
8. Big L
7. Biggie
6. Big Noyd
5. Big Shug
4. Big Tymers
3. Biggavel
2. Big Daddy Kane
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What about Big Moe?? I'm sure the purple drank could of shrunken his a lil bit though, but I'm sure it didnt affect it enough to where he's not conetending with the other Big's.

phizil skizill
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if it was Top 11 you can rest assured knowing he would of made it
Old's Cool
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nice pics
Old's Cool
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NHL makes a good point tho.
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On second thought he looks like one of those fat guys with small dicks, not that I would know what one looks like, but I would love to check out Moe's package.
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RIP Big Moe

Ya syrup sipping motherfucker.
Old's Cool
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phizil skizill
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maybe they show it on the bonus dvd of never before seen footage
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10. lil wayne
9. lil Dap
8. lil flip
7. lil Jon
6. lil Bow wow
5. lil Scrappy
4. lil Breeders
3. lil Weezy
2. lil Willis
1. lil Kim
Old's Cool
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^^I see what you did thurr.
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look at his forehead
Old's Cool
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daily bump.
Rusty pap smear
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Thread of the month.
fred glassy
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ayo not that i ever listenned to it but trina came out w/ i'm leaving you (big ol d*ck) a few years back. she pretty much runs it down. useless to say no homo i guess
greasy bastard
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This deserves its own blog.
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I can't believe that Mr Lawnge hasn't been mentioned.
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fuck hip hop

A Dirty Lurker
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28 replies? i better start a souldja boy thread and get this site back on track.
Old's Cool
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That is pretty bad that I forgot Mr Lawnge(9 inches).

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