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Topic: Sean Price Is Wack And Boring

AuthorTopic posted on: Friday, October 21, 2011 1:05:43 PM
kill my head
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i played some of his tracks on youtube while i was cookin some meatballs this morning cuz i always read on the internet that he's good

but needless to say, he fuckin sucks

raps are boring, same shit every song, nonsense raps about nuthing

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Go dig into his earlier shit fat boy - show some respect
matt nokes
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I can't agree that he's wack, but Monkey Barz is definitely highly overrated around here.
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kill yourself already you fucking ham vacuum. Instead of wasting your time of youtube like a 12 year old why don't you look for another Russian mail order whore to impregnate? At least it would keep your greasy bitchmade self away from hiphop for a while.

PS - Sean P is the man.
kill my head
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alot of people on this site have some of the WORST taste in hiphop i've ever seen, read, or heard

sean price is boring and wack
so is
ill bill
jedi mind triks

and crow, memorize my life stanley

haha worship
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no need to make a thread about it.

be positive my dude - make a thread about something you do like!

kill my head
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i make threads about stuff i like all the time

i also make threads about what i don't like

nothing wrong with that, that's the point of having an opinion

u don't have to agree with me

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what if sean price sees this thread?

he will become angry and sad.
kill my head
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As an artist he should understand that not everyone will enjoy his music

Some will think it sucks

Some will think its great

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you have made this post like 10 times now
sean price is my fav right now mc easy

obviously ur tastes are awful
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kill my head
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My fav mc right now is easily Budden

Ur taste is horrible cuz sean price is garbajjjjjj
marijuana cigarettes
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liotta how many times are u going to make this exact same post?
the gimmick is played out porky, go raise your kid or make a ham omellette
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no way in hell dude joe budden bores me way more then price have u ever heard monkey barz? i agree he has wack shit but what emcee doesnt?
kill my head
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If this post hurts ur feelings then dont click and dont reply

I swear u fucks are fuckin weird

Anyway, yea man buddens been my fav for about a year now dude

True feelings of real life situations in them rhymes

Real shit

Sean price i aint feelin

His shit is too tryhard tuff guy gets annoyin
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alot of people are on sean prices dick...i dont see what is so great about him...
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Shock posts, lol.

I've said it many times...Sean P is very boring to me but I wouldn't say he's wack, just not as good as he thinks he is. Nocturnal was dope though.
vinnny blanc
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rotisserie pig post
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Aside from nocturnal I can't really get into Sean p either. That onion head track is dope tho
The God
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Yeah, I always thought Sean Price was kinda boring and overrated. I wouldn't say he's wack though. He's still better than a lot of these clown ass rappers out today.
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P is nice but he does get repetitive some times with the shit he spits. Something weird I noticed also is that he seems to shine on guest appearances on albums that no one will ever hear and then albums that people will actually hear is usually just average.

Anyway this is my shit.
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He is alright to me. I liked the Monkey Barz lp.
coolguy jimmy
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I am a huge fan of him, but admittedly he does have some pretty wack verses at times and some shit he says is pretty fuckin stupid. King Kong is probably my favorite song he has ever done solo, listen to that shit all of the time.
BigChuck Da Mad Scientist
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Every verse Ruck has ever spit is superior to Tupac's entire catalog.

You don't have to agree, but we already established that people have different opinions- and you happen to have the opinions of a tasteless faggot.

Thank you for your time.
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How is sean price boring at ALL?? he makes good music and has some of the funniest fuckin lines ever....monkey bars and jesus price superstar were dope
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kraze evolved
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naw price is one of the nicest in n.y. i'd like to see him and planet asia do an e.p or l.p together, with black milk as the producer.

i dont know how anyone could say he's wack.
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sean price would punch you thru 3 school busses for all the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding your lacking
The God
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Dr Demise
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Yeah Sean Price is pretty overrated, Nocturnal is the only album with him that i like. The other Heltah Skeltah albums and his solo shit sucked ass.

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Monkey Barz is bangin front to back. You guys are getting dumber by the day.
The God
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Wise Midas
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I'm assuming most people don't like P because of his one-dimensional content. Funny thing is, that content he just happens to spit has more technical delivery to it than most rappers can put in one bar.

He deserves his credit. Dude is nice. I just feel Rock is much better.
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If you don't like Sean P then you don't like NYC hardcore rap, that's it. Dude is cleaver, mean, and creative. Give 'Monkey Bars' one quick spin and tell me he is boring...Ha there is not one song that sounds close to similar on that master piece.
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youre raps are fucking boring ham. thats my opinion. sean price will slap the shit out you paw

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LoL at randomly throwing termanology in with those other wack rappers..his mixtapes shit on buddens..an hes worked with alot of the best rappers Producers in the game..an thats out of respect not cus hes shellin out a ton of dough...pumppp pumpppp ittt upppp...fuk outtaa here with that buulshiiit
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^^^^Settle down
succio bsbd
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I find him overrated, but hes still cool. Fine to listen to for some guest appearances, but not for a whole album

I actually prefer the rockness monsta
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I like Sean P, if someone else thinks hes wack so what, BCC been nice, not every record or song is a keeper.

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