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Topic: Creepiest Sh*t To Me Right Now --- Darkweb/deepweb

AuthorTopic posted on: Sunday, January 08, 2012 10:41:27 AM
la coka nyc
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Ok im not exactly sure how to explaine or say what im about to tell all of you but here we go.
The Internet is called the world wide web its everything you see on the internet everything from facebook to youtube to news and shopping to every single website youve been on all of it is what is considered as the visual web.
but there is something called "THE DARK WEB" its the internet you never see and wont be able to surf without some of the information that ill provide below.
now you may think youve seen the dark side of the internet you have found websites to download free porn or torrents to steal and pirate movies and software or purchase pills from an online pharmacy. but if youve never been on the Dark Web you aint seen nothing!!!
This is basically in a nutshell THE BLACK MARKET. There are sites on the Deep Web that offer the services of hitmen, advice to gang members, directions on how to build explosives, everything is on here from buying and selling illegal drugs to weapons and even PEOPLE Yes Live people. You can arrange assassinations , learn how to cheat at virtually anything and pretty much any other illegal activity or service that you can think of – it’s all there, some of it is frightening, some of it is interesting, all of it is anonymous.

Before we start Let me issue a STRONG WARNING at this point. Be EXTREMELY CAREFUL what sites you visit and links you click. You could find yourself on a child pornography website or just all-around grotesque sexual deviance-focused site that will ruin your experience (and in the case of child pornography,quite possibly your life). The wiki page linked to above contains mostly safe sites to search but stay away from anything labeled as a ‘chan’ or ‘bulletin board’ as they probably traffic heavily in child pornography. Anything labeled CP is to be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. It will lead you to child porn.

What is the Dark Web?
The Deep Web (also called Deepnet, the invisible Web, DarkNet, Undernet or the hidden Web) refers to World Wide Web content that is not part of the Surface Web, which is indexed by standard search engines.

So if the Internet as you know it is an iceberg, the smallest part of that iceberg, the visible portion, is where you have been surfing your entire life. You visit websites, click links, use search engines to research topics of interest and generally just make your way around the visible Web. But below that visible portion, there is a much larger compilation of destinations beyond the reach of most Internet users. This portion, the Deep Web, is much harder for the average person to access and even harder to navigate. Much of the criminal activity that happens on the Deep Web is cloaked in anonymity, shrouded in secrecy or somehow hidden from the prying eyes that would love to put an end to this virtual land of OZ.

How do you connect to the Deep Web?
Though the Deep Web may be beyond those of you with little in the way of technical and Web savvy, it’s not impossible, nor even extremely difficult to visit. First, you’ll need to download Tor, the software that allows you to access the Deep Web. Tor is designed to provide Internet users with as close to complete anonymity as possible. The Tor website describes their software and their mission as follows.

Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location. Tor works with many of your existing applications, including web browsers, instant messaging clients, remote login, and other applications based on the TCP protocol.

You can use Tor on virtually any PC, Mac or even mobile devices like the iPhone and Android-operated smartphones. But, if, like me, you’re using Firefox, you next need to install the Torbutton. With the Tor software up and running and the Torbutton installed, you’ll see a small onion logo near the address bar of your browser. If you’re correctly logged in to the Tor network, you can click this button and begin to explore the Deep Web. This collection of Deep Web links should get you started. But, keep in mind, you won’t be able to maneuver in this new land quite as easily as you did back on the visible Web. There is no Google-like search engine of these sites that I’m aware of at the moment. Instead, it’s a collection of Wikis and BBS-like sites that aggregate links to other locations on the Deep Web. These sites generally have bizarre, unmemorable domain names like SdddEEDOHIIDdddgmomionw.onion. That’s right, instead of .com, these domains generally end in the .onion suffix. And because you’ll never remember how you got to where you are if you spend any significant time here, it’s best to save URLs or bookmark your way through this journey.

What can you find on the Deep Web?
The Silk Road is a website and the most popular place to buy drugs on the Deep Web. From ecstasy, pure MDMA, marijuana, psychedelics and seeds to opiates, they have basically any drug with a userbase. They also have categories for ‘services’ like hacking, ‘lab supplies’ like sulfuric acid and liquid mercury, ‘money’ for stolen credit cards, travelers checks and forged bills and coins, ‘jewelry’ like uncut stones, stolen gold and other precious metals obtained via devious means and finally ‘weapons’ where they currently list a Glock 17 for sale out of Canada that “includes 1 clip with 9 live rounds.” Another Deep Web drug outlet, the General Store, focuses on Ketamine, MDMA, MDPV and DMT (you may need to Google some of those).

My journey though The New Underground, the Deep Dark Web, was interesting, to say the least. There’s a lot of potential for trouble down near the bottom of this iceberg, so always be aware of what you’re doing and the legality of your actions. Still, I have an unquenchable thirst for the unknown so by carefully maneuvering in a way that kept several meters and a snake pit between myself and the most vile content on the Deep Web, I was able to learn a bit about a facet of the Internet I had yet to discover. I’d encourage you to poke around a bit as well. But, remember, do so at your own risk. Be safe, watch what you click and refrain from purchasing anything along the way.
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Lol, u just playing that mobster game on Facebook and your buddy tricked u.
esat one
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talk about tl dr
la coka nyc
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Wikipedia has a great overview of what it is and what it's all about.

Here's a YouTube vid of someone showing him goin into the darkweb and explaing some important things as he goes
barry wong
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that's pretty crazy. still seems sketchy though
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i entered the deepweb back in 2002. i was ordering rape-hits on certain bitches. and watching SCUMBAG NewYork porn where these dudes penetrate whores and kill them.

i just ordered an assassination on barry wong
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shit is on 4 c h a n all the time

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"There are sites on the Deep Web that offer the services of hitmen, advice to gang members, directions on how to build explosives, everything is on here from buying and selling illegal drugs to weapons and even PEOPLE Yes Live people."

this is what facebook is for noob.
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I was in slavery
Vince Weiguang Li
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this is fucking stupid. i hope you didnt write this cause if you did your fucking retarded and wasted allot of time. All the assasination services are scams. same with so called arms dealers. The only real trust worthy thing is silkroad and some boards. if you want to see the real dark web your gonna have to gain access to one of the secret servers. This is just one step below the open web. The are many more steps for you to take
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lol at he name Booty Clapper
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Lol secret servers sound pretty scary.
robbie loler
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You lost me at here we go.
la coka nyc
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As far as whats real and not is hard to say but I bet more is real then you think.
The TOR network keeps you completely anonymous so I wouldn't doubt that if you people trusted you and provided you with the right links I'm sure they have legit services for everything.
Theres links on Hiddenwiki that will give you live feeds to deathmatchs two men fighting to death and you can gamble "Bitcoins" witch is the darkweb own currency.

And the funny thing is the value in this bitcoins has been rising. At onetime 1 Bitcoin would equal 9 Us dollars now it's worth 14.


ToTheLions5 wrote:
I used to go into the deep web weekly. The stuff you see is so unreal.
Most fucked thing I remember reading about was some guy in the shitty part of eastern Europe who would take little girls from orphanages , cut their limbs off, blind them , and suspend them so he had human sex dolls or some shit like that. He supposedly had quite a few of them and would sell them for about 10,000 euros each.

I had to stop going after a few months cause i was seriously bummed from all the shit I saw on their. I still frequent it once in a while to see people troll people on drug cartel and gun merchant forums.
Humanity is the devil.

la coka nyc
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This just explains a little bit about TOR and how it works and keeps you invisibles

Actually downloading and using tor is very straight forward. Unlike other darknets like I2P or freenet you are not required to donate bandwidth or disk space in order to join the network you simply run Tor and start browsing with torbrowser.

The general idea is your traffic is encrypted and sent through 3 nodes of the Tor network. These nodes are run by volunteers and when your traffic passes through, each node can only decrypt part of the message, that is the location of the next node in the chain. This way node one will know your real ip address and that of node 2, but not node 3 or the website you want to visit. Node 2 will only know node 1 and node 3. Node 3 will know which website you are visiting but will not know who your ip address or that of node one. What the website returns - the actual webpage, is then routed back the same way. This way if your request is intercepted at any point, no one will know both who you are and watch website you are visiting, they will only be able to find out one of those two things but not both.

There are also what's know as hidden services which are basically websites which connect through Tor i.e. you have 3 nodes, the hidden service has three nodes so there is a total of 6 between the server and the client. This way the server cannot find out the real identity of the client but also the user cannot find out the real ip address or location of the server. This means hidden services can host any type of content regardless of laws and regulations since no one within the Tor network can block your access to any of these sites and since the real location of the webservers are hidden there is very little governments or law enforcement can do about it.

That's a very general idea. One thing to note is while many varieties of criminals (hackers, child pornographers, sellers of drugs and other goods and services) have used Tor for dubious purposes and gotten away with it for years the system isn't 100% foolproof, especially if you don't know what you're doing. The main things to be aware of are-

-Certain web technologies like flash, java, javascript and cookies can compromise your anonymity and need to be turned off. A simple example is a flash file could request that your computer makes a request to a malicious server while bypassing Tor, thus revealing your true identity. While it is possible to run flash and other interactive technologies safely with Tor with the right firewall settings this is not trivial to set up so generally you should expect a reduced browsing experience with Tor.
- Tor is also very slow. After a while you might get used to the speed but at first it's a bit like jumping back 10 years waiting a few minutes for a page to load.
-Your data is encrypted within the Tor network but between the exit node and the target website your data travels across the open internet. If the website you are visiting does not implement ssl then your data could be sniffed by the exit node operator or anyone watching it, so if you log into a website, your username and password could be picked up by a 3rd party, though this can happen with normal proxy servers too.

You can find out some basic information about how Tor works here

If you want to put in the extra effort to make your browsing as anonymous as possible read this guide

Anyway like I said it's easy to set up and start using so there's no real reason why you shouldn't try it. You can get the browser bundle here

If you want an in depth analysis of the major attacks that *could* and possibly are being used against Tor and how safe it is read this
(you need Tor to access these sites) --

If you do give Tor a try the hidden wiki is a good place to start since they have seperate catagories for things I assume you're not interested in (i.e. child pornography)

You seem to be aware of "crazy ****" but I still feel like I have a duty to warn you that anything you find on the hidden services within Tor is pure uncensored unmoderated media. No one can censor or stop anything that goes on there so yes, there are things you may have moral issues with such as child pornography, drug markets, hacking and malware markets, terrorism and general anarchy material (how to build a bomb for example). If you have issues with any of that then just stay away. Like all things, free expression also has its ugly side.
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I'm not gonna download a TOR browser or anything, but this is the most interesting post I've ever seen on this board.

I wonder what forums.ughh.onion would be like...now that the cat's out of the bag I'm sure it will only be a matter of days before all the degenerates around here get that up and running.
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Deep web sounds like fun.
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ughh IS deep web

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