UndergroundHipHop.com Producer Board Rules:


1. ALL BEATS are to be posted in the BEAT THREAD cleverly hidden at the very top of the producer forum. The only exception to this rule are official battles, or other competitions. Any posts linking to beats outside of these designated threads will be deleted. We do this to cut down on clutter.

2. This forum has a vast searchable database. If you are curious about if a piece of equipment can do this or that, the topic might have already been covered many times. Please do a search before asking a question of this nature (currently down, but coming back soon).

3. Uncalled for behavior will not be tolerated. This includes meaningless posts, extremely offensive comments, requesting illegal software (or music, or movies, etc.), or content that is not safe for work. If you start a thread that contains something that might not be safe for some people to view at work (or school) make sure you have ď(nws)Ē in the topic title. These posts will be deleted, and if you still donít get the message, a good olí fashion banning is in order.

4. NO BADMOUTHING RZA. In the event the mods are having a bad day, this could get you banned.

We do not make these rules to flex authority, just to ensure a certain level of quality that can be enjoyed by everyone. If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail the board's moderators.

Thank You.