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New Raekwon Interview
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AuthorTopic:  New Raekwon Interview
Exotic Gunplay

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posted Tuesday, January 17, 2006 4:28:25 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Exotic Gunplay

MH2: Your new oneís expected to drop in April. What can Wu-Tang and Raekwon fans expect?

R: Well, number one, what yíall can expect from me is to come back and really get real cold with everything right now. I got this album called Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. 2 coming out. This is a very big, much-anticipated album. Basically, that was my first album that I started in the game with. You know, itís 10 years later, people want Part 2 so thatís what Iíve been working on. And you know, right now, the Clan, weíve all been huddling up in our own little ways, supporting the record.

MH2: So you all keep in touch?

R: Yeah, I mean we always keep in touch. We donít see each other too much, but we definitely talk though.

MH2: What makes this album different from your past one?

R: Because, you know, the past one Iíd just been doing what Iíve been doing: rhyming and making songs. But this one is more to the street, itís harder. Itís me really making sure everything is dotted - the Is are dotted, the Ts are crossed. You know, me and RZA are back in effect together, as far as a
collaborated effort. Itís going to be ill. To me, this one is better than the first one. The only reason I say that is that my ability to rhyme is better and I get what I get into better. Itís just that I feel stronger. You know, as you get older, you get mature and you start knowing what really counts to make it work, and thatís what Iíve just been doing.

MH2: Besides that album, what else are you focused on?

R: Weíve just been doing underground music, keeping mixtapes out on the streets. Thatís the new thing now so you just gotta keep your ear to the streets, and thatís what weve been doing. Iíve got a mixtape CD out now called The Vatican. I ve just been more or less staying on top of this project because this is a very serious project. And, right now, we gotta come to the masses with the fire. So itís gonna be on.

MH2: Whatís up with Wu-Tang? Which members are you tightest with?

R: Iím cool with all of them. (Who do you talk to on a regular basis?) I mean, nah, we donít talk like that. One thing about us, weíre a real family. Weíre a family thatíll chill, we come and go, but at the same time we know each other is alright Ďcause thereís always somebody around thatís around either one of us. So, you know, we may talk three times in one month, then the next month, we might talk two times a week. So you know, that just
fluctuates anyway. But, you know how that goes, you donít ever be with your brothers.

MH2: Are any other members making moves? Weíre hearing from you. Weíre hearing a lot of new stuff from Ghostface. Anybody else moving forward?

R: Well, you know you got Meth working on his album, Deck doing a mixtape, heís working on his stuff. Everybodyís being prepped on what they gotta do, but theyíre just starting at the levels that they started at. Weíre all big fish now so itís like, at the end of the day, you canít stop a man from going to seek the way that he feels heís going to be. So everyoneís just been standing up on their own doing their thing.

MH2: Any upcoming collaborations?

R: You know that. You know the crew is on the record, a collabo, and I really wanted to keep that a secret, but you pulled it out of me Ďcause you sexy, you know what I mean, but there you go, you got it out of me. The Clan is on it. Yíall gonna like it.

MH2: Going a little off-topic, how do you feel about ODBís passing?

R: I mean, you know, I think about him every day and it ainít easy, but, you know, things happen. I think that it couldíve been any one of us. All I could think about now is just trying to do something and do it with his signature on it and, basically, get back to his family the best way that I could. Thatís what itís about. You know, us being able to just continue the movement we was doing and still support his family because he made this
along with us. We made this together. Actually, heís the epitome of Wu, for real.

MH2: Are you involved with Wu Latino at all?

R: Yes, absolutely. We all in the same building. Wu Latino is just another branch of us just displaying our cultural styles with other music artists.

MH2: I know RZA is involved with a lot of the production and is working closely with them, but are you looking to collaborate with the artists?

R: Of course, I mean you know, its like this: anybody that comes into our establishment and on our business criteria, itís like they have to be a part of us, we have to be a part of them because, number one, youíre wearing our badge. And, like I said, a lot of our fans are of different nationalities and I donít want anyone to think that we forgot that. We respect everything and, at the end of the day, if youíre talented, you can be from wherever, and if youíre a die-hard fan and you know what itís about, our door is always open to everything. Like I said, this is just one chapter of us doing it on a cultural level now.

MH2: A fan wants to know - can you do ďVerbal Intercourse Pt. 2Ē with Nas on the new album?

R: Wow, tell him I would do that, but if Nas picks up his phone or whatever whatever. One thing about Nas is that Nas is a person that likes to get in touch with people. He donít really like people to get too much in touch with him. So my whole thing is, I mean there ainít nothing, no bad vibes with us, but if I could contact him, Iím sure heís gonna represent for me. But if not, Rae gotta move on, you know. At the end of the day, Iím not gonna go hunt Nas down and get Nas points on something with me if Nas donít wanna be heard or seen. So thatís the deal. But, when I get my hands on him and I talk to him, yíall gonna know. Either youíre gonna hear it up there or he missed that train. So for my man, itís like, yo, Iíd love to do it. You know
what i mean, Nas, thatís my son right there. He knows what time it is. I was the ***** that told him to put that verse on ďVerbal Intercourse.Ē Weíll see what happens.

MH2: Thanks, Rae.

Keep your eyes and ears open for Cuban Linx Part 2, scheduled to be out in
April 2006.

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posted Tuesday, January 17, 2006 4:39:35 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for streydogg
good interview

shit doesnt seem to tight with the clan these days

verbal intercourse 2 with nas and ghost would be a breath of fresh air thats fo sho

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Barney Gumbel

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posted Tuesday, January 17, 2006 7:47:16 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Barney Gumbel
that was a good interview...lots of info.

They're still tight I think...it's just what happens when you get older, you talk to your friends less. Too much to do and shit.

Rae got me feenin' for his new album though.

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blind guy from Odd Squad

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posted Tuesday, January 17, 2006 8:25:55 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for blind guy from Odd Squad   Click Here to Email blind guy from Odd Squad
"I really wanted to keep that a secret, but you pulled it out of me Ďcause you sexy"

Run that game, doggy.

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