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Modern Hip Hop Classics Volume Seven
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AuthorTopic:  Modern Hip Hop Classics Volume Seven

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posted Monday, December 04, 2017 11:34:14 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for bUcKtHaDeViL
Aesop Rock - The Impossible Kid

5 mic album from the 41 year old rhyming genius known as Aesop Rock AKA your favorite rapper's favorite rapper.

Disillusioned with the current state of hip hop, Aesop isolated himself from the world in a barn with nothing but his dog and his equipment and hammered out a hip hop classic. Nothing he's done before even comes close.

The beats are thunderous and richly layered, bumping and lurching, while the lyrics are literally poetry in pure fucking motion. Verse after verse, Ase drips hardcore rhyming. It's critical, self depreciating, loathing, foreboding, negative, positive and absolutely amazing from beginning to end. On top of all that, the overall vibe the album gives off is a mix between making forts in your living room and hanging out with BFFs in tree houses. Alex up the street called....said this shit is classic.

Here's the whole album. The video is a shot by shot recreating of the Shining by Stanley Kubrick, one of the greatest horror movies of all time.

Rings with the lyrics. Incredible.

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Litney Spears

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posted Tuesday, December 05, 2017 12:07:51 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for Litney Spears
😂;😂;😂; that was a good laugh

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posted Tuesday, December 05, 2017 12:44:58 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for bUcKtHaDeViL
lame reply.

this thread is for intellectuals. miss me with that weak BS

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5th point

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posted Tuesday, December 05, 2017 2:11:33 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for 5th point   Click Here to Email 5th point
Cosign buck, one of my favorite albums

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posted Tuesday, December 05, 2017 3:41:03 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for SC1989
The only Aesop Rock album I heard fully and enjoyed

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Daddy Alfredo (Admin)

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posted Tuesday, December 05, 2017 6:09:25 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for Daddy Alfredo
its a yr old bro. modern as yesterday

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posted Tuesday, December 05, 2017 7:34:02 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for ern
that is modern

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tippi dink

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posted Tuesday, December 05, 2017 9:28:33 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for tippi dink
it's definitely one of my favorite aesop rock albums and i can see this being considered a classic, but this is the part i don't agree with

Nothing he's done before even comes close.

i think labor days, skelethon, and even float are on the same level as impossible kid, or at least close to it. it's not that far off at all imo. i do think that he managed to make this album is a bit more accessible though without sacrificing subject matter/content. it seems to have been a gateway album for a lot of people who couldn't get into aesop's music before. it's still pretty dense at times but there's a good balance between those tracks and the more direct ones. even on those more dense and abstract tracks i feel like he's painting with broader strokes that make it easier to at least get the general idea what he's saying the first time you hear it.

fantastic album though, it was AOTY for me last year and i still play it all the time. one of the things i love about is that for how dark the album is sonically there's a lot of humor interjected in there juxtaposed with the more serious topics dealing with the death of camu as well as his depression and anxiety in general.

here are my initial thoughts from the discussion thread when the album dropped, my opinion is still the same

i think it's probably his most accessible album yet. i don't mean that in a "dumbed down" way either, just that he's gotten a lot better at conveying exactly what he's trying to say instead of using his lyrics to construct this wall that the listener then has to disassemble brick by brick (or syllable by syllable) in order to get a vague idea of what a particular song/verse is actually about. his lyrics are still pretty abstract and there are a lot of references your average person wouldn't get but i'd say overall this is the easily most direct and personal solo project aesop has ever put out. if i were to recommend an album to someone who has never heard of aesop rock before, i would tell them to start with the impossible kid.

anyway, i still feel exactly the same way about this album as i did last monday when i made this thread. i'd say there's probably a 90% chance that this will be my album of the year. the replay value on this album is crazy and it seems like my favorite track changes every time i listen to it - today it's all about tuff and defender. that beat on defender is so good. really though, there isn't a single track on here that i could say is straight up weaker than the rest which is something i haven't been able to say about an album in a long time. yeah, i miss some of the more rock-influenced elements that were present on skelethon and maybe that album was a little more varied production-wise but even with that project i would skip certain tracks like ruby 81 & racing stripes sometimes because i feel like they kinda messed with the flow/pacing of the album a little bit even though they both still definitely fit the overall theme/concept.

the most impressive thing about this album to me though is how well each track flows into the next, like how perfectly shrunk leads into kirby since the two are directly related but its much more than just a pt 1/pt 2 of the same track. i really appreciate when an artist puts that level of thought/detail into their work, every single track seems to be there for a reason and it seems like every decision made on here was deliberate. i love it when artists put out a new album every year since that means that i have more music to listen to, but i think this is a good example of how waiting 4-5 years between solo LPs can really pay off. i think it gives the artist time to "trim the fat" and put more effort and care into the creation of the album over an extended period of time to make it as good as it can be rather than feeling rushed to just put out whatever their best 10-15 tracks at the time are that fit the specific sound they're going for."

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posted Tuesday, December 05, 2017 10:13:54 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for bUcKtHaDeViL
Great Video. Some of the best story telling rhymes I've ever heard.

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posted Tuesday, December 05, 2017 10:20:28 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for bUcKtHaDeViL
Pretty spot on review Tipi.

It's incredible that Aesop Rock was able to keep the lyrics so dense but still make it easier to absorb than his other albums.

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Nassau William Senior

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posted Tuesday, December 05, 2017 10:56:46 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for Nassau William Senior
If I'm going to listen to NERD RAP, I'm going to listen to Gang Starr, Epidemic or Biggie. At least they pretend to be from the streets.

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