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The Goodbook: Chaper One - Joyful Noise By The Alchemist
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AuthorTopic:  The Goodbook: Chaper One - Joyful Noise By The Alchemist
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posted Wednesday, December 27, 2017 6:31:46 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for no mask

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Clockworx (Admin)

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posted Wednesday, December 27, 2017 6:34:41 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Clockworx
You know that's from 2014 right? It was dope as fuck. X Factor typed up a sickly review of it...

The Good Book: The Alchemist & Budgie

MCs (lyrical content and delivery): Not Applicable
Beats: 98
Songs (hooks and overall feeling): 93
Average: 96
Grade: A
Favorite Track:
Disc 1: The G Code feat. Action Bronson, Domo Genesis & Blu
Disc 2: Forgive Me [Instrumental]

There is the belief that the first utterance of humankind was an utterance related to the gods… or perhaps it was food. Regardless, we do know that the earliest stories of humankind were memorized oral poems that related to understanding the world through supernatural and religious means.

This same emphasis on God can be found in the history of music, especially the history of music coming from America. The church or churches have a hallowed place in the trajectory of American music and all the varieties that were spawned from Negro spirituals that laid the foundation for blues, jazz, rock and rap.

The Alchemist and Budgie fuse together this history of gospel music in The Good Book, a double disc-close to fifty track opus with each producer handling one disc’s worth of material and providing a decidedly hip hop backbone to it all through a mix tape approach that bleeds almost every track into the next and making sure that beats and grooves stand alongside Jesus every step of the way. From funky church bands to gospel solo singers and choirs, this album captures the ever-changing church music that birthed, nurtured, reflected, rebelled and embraced some of the most important figures in popular American music.

Chapter 1: Joyful Noise (Selected Tracks): The Alchemist

1. Holy Ghost Broom: The pinnacle for the first arc of music, which consists of the first five tracks on the album realized in this full bodied composition of soul singing and the origin of a Ghostface Killah sample.

2. The G Code feat. Action Bronson, Domo Genesis & Blu: The God Code is the trinity of these featured MCs that are all over a ton of records in the past couple years sharing tracks and albums. A great hip hop song over a trickle of piano and shimmering cymbals. A drumless track that comes so hard that you will probably not notice the lack of kick drum and snare.

3. Lucifer: A shift in sound and tone as we dwell a bit on the angelic name of the Devil in a 60s psychedelic folk rock sounding piece. A welcomed interlude of new sound for the record.

4. In Heaven’s Home feat. Prodigy & Roc Marciano: The piano keys and dark loop on this track are some of the most reminiscent sounds of Alchemists’s signature sound. The vocal sample preserves the gospel theme while Prodigy and Roc sound at home on Alc’s production.

5. The Good Deacon: An upbeat funky seventies sounding rhythm, breaks for some Christian words from the good deacon Isaac Hayes.

6. Little Guy, Not A Midget: Jazz guitar sweeps across this track while you get a piccolo solo to a swinging groove and the funniest moment on the album that relies on unintentional offensiveness attempting to not offend.

7. Beyond The Fear: Another track where Alchemists penchant for a dark vibe drenches the track until the eruption of a voice that sounds like a seventies folk singer goddess is on the mic.

8. Thank Jesus: Little 50s doo wop sound immersed in some church organ closes the albums last official track before getting into a couple bonus beats.

Chapter 2: Sweet Sweet Spirit (Selected Tracks): Budgie

9. Brother Elijah: Prophet Elijah was taken directly to heaven in the Bible. Snatched up from Earth and this track thunders to the earth and rocks up to the heavens. The first couple tracks lull you into a false sense of having this album figured out by not deviating too far from what The Alchemist established on the first disc until this tracks hits with violent rock drumming and a balls out chorus to rip the steeples off the church.

10. Church On Shrooms: The title embodies the idea. Popping bass, organ flourishes and synth sounds coming from all directions make for another distinct track that keeps this album fresh.

11. With My Soul feat. Action Bronson, A$ton Matthews & J. Rocc: Bronson sets this track off and owns this beat while newcomer A$ton Matthews holds his own on this banger that is comprised gospel vocals, horns and turntablism

12. The Trees And The Sky feat. Mick Luter: This minute long track sets off a set of songs that crown the album as something really special. Mick Luter raps for less than a minute but drops some effective bars with some sharp lines interrupted by…

13. Forgive Me: the best bass line on the album. Super clean and funky with some subtle funk guitar and ridiculous piano soloing all dashed with some tasty scratching courtesy of J. Rocc until a piano note hits and…

14. Came To Praise: a quick 80s rap sample starts the track off and cheap 80s sounding organ punctuate this track around a chorus of voices praising His name until the drummer kicks in at the choruses fading voices and …

15. This Is Your Life, Or Is It?: we go into a nice little blues gospel number with some bass plucking and some of the best sounding snares I’ve heard on a hip hop record in a long time. A preacher declares God our owner until the deepest bass line on the album kicks in…

16. A Thief In The Night: and cascading synth sounds trickle down all over this track laced with J.Roccc’s exceptional beat manipulation warbling the bass line back and forth.

17. What You Want Me To Be: Sounding like a straight out of the early 80s R&B production. The track is clean but dirtied up a bit with DJ J. Rocc’s cuts.

18. The Breakthrough: More slick live sounding playing with those big hall sounding drums, slinky guitar and popping bass. Add some sick piano playing and you have one of the best set pieces on the album. The grooves on this track are just deep and switch up numerous times accompanied by handclaps at one point and then by a chorus of vocalists that echo out into…

19. Party At The Tabernacle: one of the oddest and funkiest joints on the album. This fifty second modulated sonic masterpiece bangs til strumming guitars and a vocalist sounding not too far off from Jimmy Scott…

20. Going Away: gets cut up wonderfully by J. Roccc peaking with one of the most beautiful moments on the record with a standout saxophone sample that unleashes itself on the record and then looped and then let free only to be looped again.

Exceptional music, exceptionally put together by these two music curators.

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no mask

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posted Wednesday, December 27, 2017 6:37:22 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for no mask
i assumed it was older then goodbook. im not really feeling it so far. goodbook 2 is really dope though.

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Litney Spears

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posted Wednesday, December 27, 2017 6:39:15 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Litney Spears
Cacs have no rhythm . George Michael , boy George , Michael McDonald , Kenny loggins, sting , and Phil Collins are the only ones that's good

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posted Wednesday, December 27, 2017 9:18:09 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for NoHeadlights
Your autism is defintly showing itt Karim

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