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Favourite Guest Verse This Year So Far
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AuthorTopic:  Favourite Guest Verse This Year So Far

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posted Friday, October 13, 2017 12:44:10 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for SC1989
KA on Marksman
Drew Tecs, when others was two sexed, Tippi
You either cookin or chookin', that's how a crook fathom
Cousin said the judge judged, soon as he looked at him
While he plea, could hardly read - still threw the book at him
A true verse, but too terse - I hope the hook grab 'em

Elucid on Nomento

Cocktail of relief and guilt got my stomach in knots
Watching the clock second hand stopped
Why the fuck is there a tv here playing
Rob schneider movies on loop
Hunger pang i fast in solidarity

Lee Scott on Bulletproof Moustache
I train for hours in the rain
Picturesque mountainous terrain
Sixty reps in a set, smoking cigarettes in a vest
With a boulder on my pigeon chest
Left the whole city in a mess
To save a single damsel in distress
Necking whisky on me bill depressed
Angry at God but I'm still the best man for the job
Fuck a presidents blessing
I win quiet wars with deafening weapons
You'll die before the lion roars

Swinging a bat like Freddie Flintoff
Braindead, lawn mowing limbs off
Malnourished Rambo, karate chopping a mango

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posted Friday, October 13, 2017 12:48:59 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for 88
probably something by mach hommy, tbh. he provides fahim with some nice guest verses.

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no mask

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posted Friday, October 13, 2017 1:04:02 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for no mask
^yeah mach is important in that relationship. breaks up fahims monotony for sure.

anything Killer Ben or Tri-state is hard to beat.

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the weatherman (Admin)

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posted Friday, October 13, 2017 1:06:34 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for the weatherman
ka on 'marksmen' is the right answer

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posted Friday, October 13, 2017 1:15:30 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for 88
kendrick's verse here is worth noting:

his verse on the that part remix last year though >>>

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tippi dink

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posted Friday, October 13, 2017 1:27:17 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for tippi dink   Click Here to Email tippi dink
Drew Tecs, when others was two sexed, Tippi

lol i'm dying right now, that was good. definitely one of the best guest verses of the year though.

a few more:

elucid's verse on "landscaping" from so the flies don't come by milo

I love wild things wildly
I love quiet things quietly
I wasn't raised this way, my mom keep on reminding me
I talk like a man, but that means nothing at all
I'm more than my dick and my wallet but that means nothing at all

homeboy sandman on "pendulum swing" off being you is great by quelle chris

I intro the other side of the window
Look out for me at the outro giving counsel
And wandered down a mountain with a mouthful of powerful symbols
The spit to shower the sinful
To make the powerful simple
And chained and collared the cowards to build a tower for kinfolk
Oh shit is that the cycle?
Is that the never-ending spiral that oscillate 'tween deceitful and disciple?
It seems that I cracked the cipher 'tween the peaceful and the psycho
As sure as the pendulum swinging
I exit the telephone booth with my em-b-lem blinging
And everything got a ring to it
And way more likely to ig you than getting into it
Meanwhile i be building a igloo like I'm a inuit
Here's your golden ticket to catch my solo at the symphony of the infinite
Forgive but not forget
To tighten up the grip and live without regret

also jean grae's verse on "the prestige" off being you is great

lil ugly mane on "zeltron 3 billion" off the 13 EP by denzel curry

Miami back to Richmond back to Cali
They gon' find your body in the alley
Ugly still the ugliest, Ugly still destructive
I'ma lay you down underneath the ground if you fuck with this
Head up in the clouds when the dutch is lit
Puffin' it, I be acting foul for the fuck of it
Lately its a lot of days I feel hopeless, fuck it
Its a lot of days I'm feeling like I'm drowning in the ocean
Put your hands on me and your hands gettin' broken
When I hit the scene it's like a goddamn explosion
Find me out surrounded by some shooters
They be young and old
Piffing looking crispy I got origami money folds
Ugly Mane, bars played
That blood in my veins be running cold
Running the game I be unapposed
Short fuse, don't cut it close
Ugly Mane, bars played
That shit I spit be so morose
You better watch your mouth playa
I hit you with that lethal dose

kashmere on "jonestown" off billy green is dead by jehst

Hardly handsome
More in common with a ghastly phantom
Elaine Burtons want the corpse like Iím Charlie Manson
Tell the welder, fires of hell swell to melt ya
A harbinger of death
Divine smash
Multiple concubines in the stash David Koreshing the flesh
Itís raining ash
A cult leader, witnessing sinister paragon
A cult leader, uh, Minister Farrakhan (salam)
Apocalypse swag swung in action
I simply move the date along when it doesnít happen
Sixty percent of your cheques to cop the fucking mansion
Bled your souls in a cup and then I fucking drank Ďem
Twenty sons, twenty daughters and another hatchling
Brainwashing them all cuz Iím a loving captain
Iím bored of this shit, you got me talking business
I caught a mission from God, Iím bout to torch a village

open mike eagle's verse on "infinite scroll" off chill, dummy by P.O.S

Awestricken, my brow furled up, my lip is curled
All distant, need a referral for a different world
Audacious my instinct is to go and get small places
Fuck your lease, I donít owe you shit
Outlandish, I get low and I hover there
Not branded, cause if they could they'd discover air
Rain Walrus, under a pelt like a brother bear
Stone Fragments trapped in air tight tupperware
Whoís missing? The headcount says minus 1
Dude, listen: Priest, my mouth is a science gun
Intrepid, below ice like the submarine
Bin section looking at old tight drum machines
Mixed potion / Hoping to grow like Thumbelin'
Your shit's broken, so watch me roll like tumbleweed
Old patterns breaking, interrupt duplicates
No data: blank, your concept's toothless
It's done

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posted Friday, October 13, 2017 1:37:46 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for 88

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5th point

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posted Friday, October 13, 2017 2:36:10 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for 5th point   Click Here to Email 5th point
ocean wisdom on lie low with verb t

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posted Friday, October 13, 2017 5:25:18 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for felipedahiphopadict01
method man on camp wu (from Rock's rockness A.P)

and R.A. the ruggedman on gif ofgab's
freedom form flowing

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Clockworx (Admin)

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posted Friday, October 13, 2017 10:52:04 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Clockworx
That Ka verse with ease.

This guest spot by Roc was illy too...

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Eric Wade

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posted Saturday, October 14, 2017 7:45:41 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Eric Wade   Click Here to Email Eric Wade
That's making me sick man!

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