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So Alot Of Cacs Actually Have Rabbit Dna
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AuthorTopic:  So Alot Of Cacs Actually Have Rabbit Dna
Lit Jagger

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Location: They call it the underground because that's where dead things are buried
posted Thursday, July 06, 2017 11:54:00 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for Lit Jagger
Rasta Livewire
Rasta Livewire


There are four Blood types within the ABO
A, B, AB, AND O.

Alongside of the four Blood Types there is a Rhesus(Rh) Factor which further divides the Blood Types into Positive(+) and Negative(-) classifications.

With this understanding the four types are now listed in 8 divisions:
A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-,O+,O-

The Rhesus Factor is that which determines if a Blood Type is Positive or Negative.

To understand the Rhesus Factor we have to understand the disease HDN (Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn).

It was medical research that sought to obtain a greater understanding of HDN that led to the emergence of the Rhesus Factor.

HDN is a reactionary disease in which an Rh Negative Mother rejects her Rh Positive Fetus by instictively attacking the red blood cells of the Fetus. In agglutinating the red blood cells the pregnancy often results in miscarriage or Still born births.

HDN is very rare in Non- White populations since Rh Negative Blood is a rare occurence amongst Non-Whites as well. Amongst White woman 1 in 10 pregnancies consist of a Rhesus Negative Mother and a Rhesus Positive baby.

The first known occurance of HDN is a documentation from a Medical record in 1609 in which a Mother of twins in France experienced what appeared to be Hemolytic Disease of the New born(HDN).

However the turning point towards our modern day understanding took place in 1939 when Levine and Stetson reported the case of a Stillborn birth. The Mother had received a blood transfusion from her husband and her Serum agglutinated her husband’s red blood cells and those of 80% of compatible donors.

This case inspired the groundbreaking research of 1940,conducted by Landsteiner and Weiner. In a laboratory Test, red blood cells from a Rhesus (Rh) Monkey were injected into a Rabbit.The Rabbit Serum agglutinated the Rhesus Monkey’s red blood cells and 85% of human red blood cells as well. The Rabbit Serum(antibody) was called ” Anti Rh “.The Rabbit Serum had an identical response to agglutinating red blood cells as that of the Serum produced by the Mothers in the cases of HDN(Hemolytic Disease of the New born).

Those whose red blood cells were agglutinated by the Rabbit Serum were labeled Rh (Rhesus) Positive meaning that the Rabbit Serum responds to this type of blood in a similar manner to which it responded to the blood of the Rhesus Monkey.This became the basis for the Rh Positive blood types.

Those whose red blood cells did not agglutinate when coming in contact with the Rabbit Serum were considered to be Rh(Rhesus) Negative meaning that the Rabbit Serum did not react to their blood in the same manner that it reacted to the Rhesus Monkey. This became the basis for the Negative blood types.

Interestingly, those who have Rh Negative blood have the ability to produce ” Rabbit Serum”.This is why a Mother with Rh Negative Blood will agglutinate the red blood cells of a Rh Positive Newborn in the same exact manner of the Rabbit Serum. In this regard the Rabbit Serum was labeled Rabbit Anti Rh, while the same identical Serum found in humans was called Human Anti Rh. This was the result of intensive comparative testing which took place in 1941and found that the Rabbit and Human Serum were identical.

There is a very logical reason why Rh Negative individuals who are almost exclusively from the White race are able to produce Rabbit Serum. However in order to draw attention away from the Rabbit Serum producing phenomenon the research shifted its focus to the supposed similarity between those who have Rh Positive blood and the Rhesus Monkey.

The reported commonality between Rh Positive human blood and that of the Rhesus Monkey was the presence of Antigen D which appears on the red blood cells in both the humans and the monkeys. However Antigen D is not present in those humans who are Rh Negative. This discovery led to many tales, rumors,and theories about the relationship between Rh Positive and Rh Negative humans. There were those within the Rh Negative camp that boasted of being uniquely unrelated to Simians while identifying Rh Positive humans as being those who were spawned by gorillas. This entire theory proved ridiculous as all humans including those who are Rh Negative are 98% genetically identical to Gorillas and Chimpanzees. The absence of the D Antigen is not going to make a bit of
difference in determining whether one is related
to the Gorilla or not.

By nature White Supremacy could not help but take advantage of another opportunity to deceive, since those classified as Rh Negative are almost entirely comprised of members of the White Race. The following is a racial breakdown of those with Rh Negative blood:

1. Whites 15%

2. African-Americans 7%( Largely due to admixture with Whites)

3. African descent 3%

4. Native-Americans 1%

5. Asians 0.3%

As mentioned above human DNA is 98% identical to the Gorilla and the Chimpanzee.Therefore the absence of Antigen D is not going to make the slightest difference in proving that one is not related to the Gorilla in comparison to others who share the commonality of Antigen D with the Gorillla. The deceptive propaganda attempted to use Rh Negative results to promote White Supremacy ideologies which identified Non-Whites as having ” Gorilla DNA “,while at the same time claiming that the Original White Race was Rh Negative and therefore unrelated to the Simian Family.

All of this of course being a distraction to deviate focus from the Phenomenon that Rh Negative humans were able to create an identical Serum to that of the Rabbit. In a greater attempt to obstruct or discourage focus Levine suddenly claimed in 1963 that Anti Rh human was somehow different than Anti Rh Rabbit Serum. He even ridiculously claimed that Rabbit Serum now responded the same to Rh Positive and Rh Negative blood samples.

If this was the case then it would not be the commonality of Antigen D that was causing the Rabbit Serum to respond the same to Rh Positive humans and the Rhesus Monkey, as Rh Negative humans did not produce Antigen D. It would further undermine the entire basis for establishing Positive and Negative blood types as Rh Positive was based on the similar response that the Rabbit Serum had in agglutinating the red blood cells of the Rhesus Monkey and the red blood cells of those humans who are now classified as Rh Positive.

If the Rabbit Serum agglutinated the red blood cells of those now classified as Rh Negative then there would be no distinguishing factor being that the absence of Antigen D would now be irrelevant to the response of the Rabbit Serum. It was the fact that the Rabbit Serum did not Agglutinate the red blood cells of those with Rh Negative blood that formed the distinction and basis for establishing the Rh Negative classification in the first place. In order to seal the cover up Rabbit Anti Rh was now renamed Anti LW in honor of Landsteiner and Weiner.

In understanding the fact that Rh Negative individuals have the ability to produce Rabbit Serum will now serve as the introduction for the greater understanding about
how this actually came to be. The highest percentage of Rh Negative blood is found in Spain amongst the ethnic Basque population.The name Spain derives from the Phoenician word Ispahan meaning the “Land of the Rabbits”. This name is related to the Hebrew Saphan/Safan which likewise means Rabbit. The Spanish word for Rabbit derives from the Basque language as the Basques were the original inheritors of the ” Land of the Rabbits”.

The European association and attachment to the Rabbit is alarming. Until very recently it was a very popular tradition in England that on the 1st of each and every month one would have to say: ” Rabbit,Rabbit, Rabbit!”
three times. This was a way of assuring Good luck for the remainder of the month.This tradition carried over into the United States. There is documentation that President Roosevelt confessed to a friend that on the 1st of every month he says Rabbits!

In English speaking countries including the United States it was very common to carry a Rabbit’s foot for Good Luck. This tradition is believed to be motivated by the fact that the Rabbit is highy fertile and in this regard its body parts were seen as a sign of Goodluck.
The foot at one time was considered to be a Phallic symbol and an inspiring amulet to encourage or enhace fertility. The association between the Rabbit and fertility was the main reason why the Rabbit became a symbol for the Spring Season and was further associated with the Easter Egg.

The European obsession with the Rabbit as a symbol of fertility led to some very strange rituals which must have included the consumption and absorption of large quantities of Rabbit fluids in hope of obtaining fertility. The inappropriate contact and consumption of Rabbit fluids on a continual and generational basis gradually caused mutations to occur in relation to Antigen D.

In certain lineages Antigen D could no longer be produced as the mutation disabled both copies of the RHD gene, while in other lineages it caused one copy to become non functional. In the case of the latter the one functioning copy was able to produce Antigen D and thus being classified as Rh Positive. This condition of having one non functioning copy of the RHD gene is known as RHD Silent Allele.

The deviant consumption of large amounts of Rabbit fluids over several generations would have been enough to permanently alter the genetic composition of 60% of the White Race. 15% of the White race was effected to the point of not being able to produce Antigen D at all,while another 45% suffers from RHD Silent Allele.

Over the centuries segments of the White Race have been gradually mutating as a result of inappropriate consumption of Rabbit fluids that have altered and eliminated the function and existence of Antigen D which has effected 60% of the White population. In some cases the RH Negative blood type is more compatible to the Rabbit than other human beings.

In this regard they logically use Rabbit experimentation for their own benefit in trying to understand their own
genetically mutated bodies. When the White Scientists needed an answer to HDN they immediately understood the need to access an “experimental” Rabbit.

The first transfer of embryos took place in 1890
as a number of Rabbit embryos were successfully
transplanted to another female Rabbit carrier.

In 2006, CNN reported that British scientists are seeking permission to create hybrid embryos by fusing human cells with Rabbit eggs. Legal experts say that it is not clear whether the embryos would be regarded as Rabbit or human.

adult cell embryo

There are serious plans for the use of Rabbits for the colonization of Mars:

rabbits on mars


Within the 8 Blood Type Groupings O Negative has been labeled the Ultimate Donor because all other Blood Types can receive transfusions from this Blood Type without rejection or consequences of any sort. The Rh Negative is not the basis for the Ultimate Donor but it is rather Blood Type O in general that provides the nucleus for the Ultimate Donor. This becomes perfectly clear when we divide and analyse the two elements which comprise the Ultimate Donor. These elements are the O Blood Type and the Negative Rhesus Factor.

It is only the Rh Negative Factor accompanied by the Blood Type O that defines the Ultimate Donor. All others such as A Negative, B Negative, and AB Negative do not exhibit any capability in this regard. However Blood Type O with Rh Positive status serves as an Ultimate Donor for all other Blood Types which are RH Positive. This indicates that the significance in the Ultimate Donor Status lies within the O Blood Type and not within the Rhesus Factor. This obviously has something to do with the fact that the majority of people in all races belong to Blood Type O.

Now that it has been established that O Positive acts as an Ultimate Donor for all Rh Positive Blood Types and O Negative acts as an Ultimate Donor for all Rh Negative Blood Types it leaves us only to determine why O Negative can give to all Rh Positive Blood Types,and O Positive cannot donate to any Rh Negative Blood Types.

The answer to this lies in understanding the nature of the mutation and defect that constitutes Rh Negative Blood. Those with Rh Negative Blood produce a Rabbit Serum that agglutinates the Red Blood Cells that are found amongst those with Rh Positive Blood Types and therefore one with Rh Negative Blood cannot receive blood from Rh Positive donors. In this regard that which is an unnatural mutation and genetical defect (Rh Negative) cannot receive that which is most natural to human creation (Rh Positive). This is the very nature of the defect which is Rh Negative. Rh Negative is characterized by one who has two defective copies of the RHD Gene rendering the individual incapable of producing Antigen D. Others who have been effected by the mutation and have one functioning copy and one defective copy of the RHD Gene suffer from what is known as RHD Silent Allele. Rh Negative is a genetical defect not a sign of genetical superiority.


Negative blood simply means that an individual has a genetical defect in which both copies of the RHD Gene are not able to produce Antigen D. By the nature of creation genetical defects are often limited by a natural inability to reproduce. Even though cloning may be an unnatural process it success relies on the natural ability of cells to reproduce. Being that RH Negative blood is a genetical defect its ability to reproduce is limited by nature.


As stated earlier the Basque people of Spain who are aboriginal to the Iberian Peninsula have the highest concentration of RH Negative Blood. This is O Negative to be specific. The following link explains how to this day Rabbit is a major part of the Basque Cuisine. It also mentions some of the sacred Rabbit traditions that are a part of their heritage. The name Spain itself means ” The Land of Rabbits “. The Rh Negative MUTATION or DEFECT was caused by a continuous generational intake of Rabbit fluids.

basque rabbits

The tradition of the Rabbit became so powerful in Europe that the symbol of three hares came to represent the Church and the Trinity. The link below exhibits the importance of the Rabbit icon in relation to the European Churches:

UK Hares

Debunking the White Supremacy Myth of Rh Negative Blood.

1. Rh Positive people evolved from Simians because it is proven that they are related to the Rhesus Monkey, while Rh Negative people are non-evolutionary beings. FALSE

Science has not proven that Rh Positive individuals are anymore or less related to the Rhesus Monkey or any other type of Simian than those with Rh Negative Blood. Rh Positive Blood simply means that your body is normal and healthy in regards to its ability to produce Antigen D,while those with Rh Negative Blood suffer from a mutation and genetical defect which results in the dysfunction of RHD Genes. Yes the Rhesus Monkey also produces Antigen D which is one of many commonalities that are shared by Primates of all sorts. Humans have tongues and Monkeys have tongues. Can you imagine a person born with a birth defect which resulted in this individual not having a tongue. claiming that he has less in common with Simians because of this defect, while at the same time accusing humans born with tongues as being related to the Monkey because of this shared commonality.

2. O Negative Blood is the most superior because it is the Ultimate Donor. FALSE

By nature Blood Type O is the Ultimate Donor it is not the Rhesus Factor which gives it this status.

3. Rh Negative Blood is superior because it can’t be cloned FALSE

Nature has a way of limiting that which is defective. Although cloning itself is an unnatural process it is based on the natural ability of cells to reproduce and multiply. In this way nature has limited the ability to reproduce that which is defective and therefore Rh Negative blood cannot be cloned.

4. The White Race is Superior because they have the highest percentage of Rh Negative Blood: FALSE

Rh Negative blood is a genetical defect and a mutation. 15% of Whites have two defective copies of the RHD Gene which results in their inability to produce Antigen D. Another 45% of Whites suffer from one defective RHD Gene. Those of the latter classification have one defective RHD Gene and one functioning RHD Gene. In this setting the one functioning copy produces Antigen D and therefore they are classified as Rh Positive. However they are living evidence as to the evolutionary process of the mutation that disproportionately plagues the White Race.

All humans are 98% genetically identical to Gorillas and Chimpanzees. Having defective RHD Genes does not make any difference in proving or disproving that one is superior in regards to the theories of evolution.

AB is the only blood type not found amongst gorillas. AB Positive is the ultimate recipent it can generate life from all blood types. However no one can receive AB Positive Blood and live. Within the plasma of the AB Positive Blood is a gift called liquid gold which everyone can receive. It is used to fight off infections. AB POSITIVE is the BLOOD type found on the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium face cloth. It is the blood type of Jesus Christ.



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AUGUST 8, 2016 AT 7:47 AM
It’s because of evolution in high altitudes, less CO2, less of a need for direct channels. Like, take for instance the low prevalence of people in China that are RH negative. Guess where there are high percentages in China though? Right, in the higher elevations. RH negative blood in China is even called Panda Blood. Pandas are indigenous to the higher elevations of China. The plague decimating those without the delta 32 mutation, which is only present in RH negative people, also probably had a part in why Europeans tend to have much higher percentages of RH negative individuals.

There are pluses and minuses of course. RH people have more autoimmune diseases, but at the same time, stronger immune systems. I doubt how that correlates at all to rabbits specifically unless they have incredible immune systems and are immune to things like the plague, ebola, and HIV. (Not saying all RH negatives are immune, only those with the CCR5 delta 32 mutation)
OCTOBER 8, 2016 AT 3:58 AM
I think he meant what he wrote as a joke, Nearly everything he says is not true and silly. What you eat or drink can never change your blood type. Blood type 0- is the universal donor type blood and not 0+. People could die if they get the wrong blood. He should not be allowed to post this false information. He my think he is funny but I sure don’t
NOVEMBER 11, 2016 AT 1:20 PM
Very interesting article. I have the O- blood type and have just recently become aware of the unbelievably ridiculous videos and websites based on the theories you mentioned. They claim we have higher IQs and special powers. My mom is also rh- and, while she is gifted in her own right, she does not have a high IQ….lol. We all belong to God! Everyone.


JANUARY 29, 2017 AT 12:39 AM
I’ve only recently become aware of this as well. Hearing that O- is the holy grail and “best” blood type to have (not if they need a transfusion ). People saying Jesus was O- , but how would they know? People with O- blood are still the only universal donor.

The whole rabbit thing was strange, to say the least. Rabbit fluids??? Eww, what kind of fluids? I can only think of a few and they have similarities with spirit cooking nonsense. Don’t people say “the rabbit died” to indicate a positive pregnancy test? Did they use only white rabbits in their tests, or hares and other species of rabbits?

So people claiming Rh positive have the monkey gene may not be true. I’m not sure why they didn’t say Rh negatives are related to rabbits and have the rabbit gene.

There is no proof that being negative is a genetic mutation or defect, no proof of consuming rabbit fluids, I didn’t see the link, and being Rh negative myself I can testify to being extremely fertile, even getting pregnant on birth control.

This was obviously written by someone who wants to believe one skin color is superior or original. Only God knows what the original humans looked like. There’s one lady who says Jesus had fair skin, red or brown hair, with blue or green eyes. She claims white people were neanderthals mixed with chimpanzees and black people mixed with gorilla dna. No proof from her either.

The search continues. ..
FEBRUARY 16, 2017 AT 9:13 PM
Dont listen to him, he’s a liar!
NOVEMBER 26, 2016 AT 12:31 PM
I don’t think RH- are the defects, I think Rh+ were clones of Monkeys and Gorrila’s. The RH- people were the original and ancient humans on this planet.. After a major catastrophe, and out side force re-seeded the planet using monkey and gorilla DNA which is why it is rh+ and the most abundant. They couldn’t clone RH- because it was Gods design, no other being could alter it or reproduce it.

Have you heard the stories about RH- not being able to catch hepatitis and aids? And other diseases? There is way more going on with RH- than you are leading on..
FEBRUARY 20, 2017 AT 5:43 PM
Thats quite interesting because my best friend is 0 – and he have hepatitis ?
MAY 26, 2017 AT 8:29 PM
Thank you kind person for posting. That article sounded off like heck. Glad someone is on the same page as I.
JUNE 22, 2017 AT 7:27 AM
Well the whole monkey gene thing does note that negative blood is “monkey free”. How is it that anyone can get away claiming that whites come from monkeys when plenty of whites has rhesus Factor negative blood and I do know plenty of blacks with rhesus Factor positive? It is true that all humans regardless of race do have 98% DNA in common with the gorilla. That’s just a fact and for anyone to conclude that one race is better than another because of their genetics it’s completely ridiculous considering you get positives and negatives in all Races. And this is coming from someone with a mixed family so there’s no bias here whatsoever
DECEMBER 11, 2016 AT 12:31 AM
A lot of the things you write may be true, but not the claim that 0- blood have mutated because of intake of rabbit fluids. Per logic, it is more likely that the rhesus factor is a mutation since blood containng it cannot be given to those who does not carry the protein in their blood. A mutation is generally not loss of information, but a change in it. Since 0- is the universal donor all other types will be able to receive blood from these humans. However, as information changes and mutates, these 0- people will not be able to receive defect blood, but only pure blood. Humans are obviously different races, evident in the blood we carry. Whether it’s because of interbreeding or mutations is another story, which only the ‘Gods’ know.
FEBRUARY 16, 2017 AT 9:15 PM
This is backwards fuckery, dont listen to this troll. He/ She/ it/ they/ them is trying to confuse the original people
FEBRUARY 17, 2017 AT 3:19 AM
n*gga please

them crackas bin bred out,,,,

Lock up ya daughtas n womens! !.
Mystified 1
FEBRUARY 21, 2017 AT 5:40 PM
I’m sure you’re right. You seem to be quite intelligent. Better to be bred out I guess, than inbred.
FEBRUARY 20, 2017 AT 3:22 PM
This entire article is bulls#*t
Mystified 1
FEBRUARY 21, 2017 AT 5:24 PM
Defective blood huh? Everyone I know that is RH-, is bigger, stronger, smarter, healthier and even immune to several of the viruses that the vast majority of RH+’s pass amongst themselves. They can also be quite spiritual, even psychic. Boy oh boy, that D antigen is amazing. My gratitude to the rabbit.
You have done some research obviously, because you know names and dates but as for your theory, you’re way off. Maybe you’re a clone.
The truth is out there for those that approach it without bias and have the gift of intuition.
We are all children of our creator and that really is all that matters and separating people based on anything, is wrong.
MAY 2, 2017 AT 4:31 AM
I agree, this guy who wrote this article is a moron and obviously has an issue w people who are of the negatives. I believe the negs are the original blood line, and 85% of the population has been tainted, this is why God gave those who are not original a way out, Through Jesus, all can be saved. There’s a very common denominator when it comes to having a neg blood type, higher iq, intense intuition, gift of discernment, majority are empathetic to humans and animals. And just an inner feeling of being different. If you research negative blood types majority of research states we are alien, we are from the blood line of Cain, this is church, media and the elite propaganda to hide the truth. With enough research many start to realize that what is presented as truth is just found to be the opposite of what “they want you to believe is truth”. The negative bloodline? is something special, those who are know it. Those who aren’t will do anything to make you believe your not special, your a mutation an alien.
JUNE 29, 2017 AT 5:33 PM
Charles Manson is O- Blood Type.
JUNE 14, 2017 AT 3:00 PM
As it says in the Bible, Luke 12. “To whom much is given, much will be required”.

You don’t have to be a rh negative to be super intuitive, empathetic, clever.
Those who want to do good will do it, regardless of their rh factor.

In fact we can all strive towards the same frequency vibrations as those of the DNA in Jesus’ (AB- ) blood by believing in Him and denying (not Him) but the world that only wants (thanks to the devil) to mould and shapen us to its type.

Rh- or rh+ we all have a choice – to deny Christ or the worldly riches, whatever they may be.

Don’t be the fool on the cross that mocks Jesus but be like the thief that realises how dirty with sin he is inside and humbled himself before Jesus.

May God have mercy upon you all.
JUNE 22, 2017 AT 7:45 AM
Romans 12:16 says we shouldn’t be thinking we are better than others because of anything. That we are all equal and must treat each other as such.
Purposely looking for differences in each other is wrong in itself but then to look to differences and decide who of us is better is just plain being prideful. We all know what the Bible says about pride and boasting.
JUNE 29, 2017 AT 5:35 PM
George Busch and Obama Clinton have RH- blood type.

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Maffmatics (Admin)

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posted Thursday, July 06, 2017 1:05:01 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Maffmatics   Click Here to Email Maffmatics
So you're a rabbit now?

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posted Thursday, July 06, 2017 2:02:47 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for 88

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posted Thursday, July 06, 2017 2:34:57 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for NoHeadlights
Lol maff and 88

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wicked 22.2

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posted Thursday, July 06, 2017 5:16:23 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for wicked 22.2   Click Here to Email wicked 22.2
Great read thx for that.

Reminds me abt the new Doppelgangaz album titled "Dopp Hopp" is being released tomorrow!

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posted Thursday, July 06, 2017 8:22:31 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for dr.proF   Click Here to Email dr.proF
Cs maff

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posted Friday, July 07, 2017 12:35:54 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for anti-stunna
 photo observe2_zpsnlrsrewc.jpg

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Soc hamm handsome (Admin)

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Is this why cacs run so fast?

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don't believe the hype.

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I'm a little troubled by this post bc it implies that cacs are more hip hop than everybody else

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