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Straight Fire - (response To Shady Cypher)
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AuthorTopic:  Straight Fire - (response To Shady Cypher)

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posted Saturday, October 14, 2017 8:04:01 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for Moretishun
Marshall amping it up to eleven..

We got love for you man
But you threw lies in your stand
Not drew a line in the sand
Ultimately what you fail to see
What you can't understand
Don't get what some of us can
Who ain't even Trump fans
Just won't dance to the tune of 'The Man'
Is that politics is a dirty word
The real turd in all of our hands
Still worth two in the Bush, fam

Honestly, I just cant understand
How much of a joke dude got to be
Woke, though with stains on his hands
Can't see past the Stans in the stands
Who made you feel opinion matter more than your fans?
No matter how ugly their mental appears
Ain't reason to front in front of your peers
Fake thugin', sneer smugly n' smear
I guarantee that you ain't deeper to hear.

I used to believe ya even after you scared us
Playin' us dirty with fear you'd leave us
Semi retired early, Eminexit deemed seamless
Now done caught mad ego fever
Was a time rap god was fearless
Comin' from disadvantage a leader
Hip hop's revered he vanquished
Landing cerebral cleavers from vantage
Or was it tyre levers?
Now paints half the nation deplorable Cletus?
Bitch please..

Stranded without a clue branded deceiver
'Cept by a wide receiver or two
Divorced, bereft of reason
Finna get sued for treason
Career suicide for playin' diva
Lil' Elijah Wood got hood-winked
In spite of the Clint squint can't read the meter
Hollywood stink all over the mouldy reefer
Country deserved havin' Trump as leader
Y'all payin' top dollar whatever you're served
Don't holler when you find it distasteful, tasting a turd
This ain't time to be heard unnerved
Furious tryina murder Foolius Caesar
He don't give a fuck about you n' your rant
Or even your aunt Eva.
Neither should we plant burning trees
In the soil of our mortal coil
Just try to survive eight years of toil
Realize emotional pleas won't provide
Safety on this here royal carnival ride
Should it derail all, jokes aside..

We betray what dwells inside of ourselves
Whatever we see in others lies in our cells
Courtesy of the seeds we don't dare to see
Outside of this fantasy, we don't care to delve
Chop it up red like Deepak Chopra who said
Man who ran for election orange shortage on head
To make room for erection's really just our reflection
America's shadow matters just for the fact
It shows that inside us all is a devil
That's why when a woke guy on the level
Tells you that the shit you spittin'
Even well meant, creates division instead
You should ponder that shit upside of the head
Look Brutus, here's the truest..

Just think of the horse you can lead but can't make take fluids.
So do your own thinkin' not do the lame thing
Shrinkin' in stature goin' over the brink over statues
Some things is bound to stink on that side too
Mull it over this late October, Mr Kingpin
Here's somethin' for you to let sink in
Never too young to listen to Jung and Martin Luther King

Do I gotta spell it out for ya: FUCK YOUR IDENTITY POLITICS!

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posted Friday, November 10, 2017 5:14:15 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
"Hip hop's revered he vanquished
Landing cerebral cleavers from vantage"-nice catch

interesting read. Identity politics means what to you?

Marshall Bastard made Trump pause....em took a moment and fired a shot for humanity instead of divided race classes. He was right. Em is a hypocrite....everyone is. It's about balance.....If em is ready to balance out his evils with GoOD....good 4 him. I'm not sure if I'm even addressing your issue properly but I'm opening a conversation doOd. Art and Life is meant to be dissected so we all can grow the fuck up and find more integrity and waste less time and energy and all get to the bbq to chill the fuck out and enjoy a moment as something more than divided ignorant asswholes. All are 1won. The war is an illusion. There is absolutely nothing wrong anywhere. The world is FUCKED...because WE collectively allow THE WORLD TO BE FUCKED AND RIPPED APART AND DECEIVED. The public civilian body across the world is far stronger than any government yet dorment. If us morons are kept at bay and allow our souls to be stolen, taken, deceived, fucked, killed etc....most of us will remain as mind slaves and literal physical slaves. Most are absolutely clueless to the nature of the war that we are all born into. An energy war, period. Taking lies for truth decreases personal power. Taking truth for truth upgrades personal and collective POWER. Lies however can be beneficial if you can learn your enemies veil and trace there fronts to source power. We are ALL brainwashed at birth....until we rebirth ourselves through wisdom and integrity. Different races are all a lie. We are one people. Superficial skin color is irrelevent. Skin only identifies geographic regions where we are raised or have inbred with eachother for generations. Inbreeding helps keep us docile and controllable. Division breaks the collective up and makes it easier for us to be controlled. Smaller groups are far easier to infiltrate and control than a unified mass which is the ALLmighty God. Hue-mans are extremely primitive. The suffering necessary to become woke is almost impossible to survive. SOOO...starting at birth the correct way with correct true documents is how we all grow and give our children a better future world for them to rule. Most humans are stupid fuck cattle....labeled as goyum.....unconscious meatsack fucks to use and abuse and murder at will by the hidden elite most low circles of h3LL on earth. iLLumiNOTei is watching every word of this.*7

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