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Pattern Vibration Nrg Transference Managerial Tasks
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AuthorTopic:  Pattern Vibration Nrg Transference Managerial Tasks

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Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Friday, December 22, 2017 1:46:14 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
80bpm no pretend, defend end seize dem spent/
Represent rent dem dents, you pay for gettin wrecked/
Lil eggs beg, do bids to provoke death/
No drinks toasted, to the hopeless hostess/
Bitch specimen messy hens, babycakes vacate my wavelength/
Eat shit in a grave's length, I been the iLL3st grey shank/
In the bay blanked, blacked out in white jade/
Communities of lunacy, red lined lots loans cut off/
Evil eye spies, sly enterprise for mass demise/
Say hi to Chief Quemby, dividing pie at Wendys/
No asshole, IM NOT Chief Quemby/
You always wanted to be part, of the force of the heART/
But we weren't t4lking bout the POLICE, The Word was Craft is Art/
Tired ass Star Wars, Firmament projector screen large doors/
Eons ahead meds undead, beheading horde stress/
Getting more head, than porn in whore's legs/
Gourmet source primal d3ath, you're a force left forceless/
I make deals opponentless, wrote chops drop those pork chops/
You're a poor hor, who encores sword a lot/
Im shore yor a sore twat, boardwalks your bored walk/
Scorn dock horn lock, you go the opposite direction.../
Yes...fuck off, up Doc Martins knock/
Your doors off buck more pop, I'll kill what's killed iLL repeat/
demonstration's peek, God blood through canyons/
Geologic veins branchin, Haarp shifts stampede/
$hifty smart KIDZ, Dartsmith heART riff/
Broke an homeless, ion eye source code A KID/
Blow holes through building codes, hog tie Megatron la puta/
Bite a hole in ya neck, spit your blood in your face/
Humans aint raw, no matter who says theyre fresh/
Invisible avalanches, conditioned retardation/
Stack Oscars in the basement, some still say he need medication/
Aerosol to mosquito, she wan lick my fingers from Cheetos/
I like her she's gross, finger fucker while I reep ghosts/
Like peace on all coasts, like grease no god go/
Is release her high note, ion eye fly folks on high boats/
Defy quotes your mics spoke, fire hydrants in your face bitch/
Smile pretty all ya teeth broke, is there beef? NO/
I see how you be, you just wanted to see snow/
Freeze cold we be low, control weather for weeks wrote/
How deep is we go, dont give a fuck buttons u push/
Get shushed at the repo, reep soul we deep sol/
Protect people from cheap hoes, this key he chi pro/
Oh yes I Am, yes we he DOPE/
Dunk in your face, with a knee blow/
plus we plus up, up at the free throw/
Itzzz RAW, Tele vision can't see us/
Banned to deep dust, still we thrust and she cum/
Now she bum, bum on my DICK illuminotti fee "sprung"/
Motherfucker I didn't pay!! Bitch eyem being monitored/
In my pajamas honored dirt, devil won't SHUT THE FUCK UP/
why you lie so much?, that ain livin cuz/
Devil is my son, deviltry levels leaked/
The devil is my son, wisdom warpath Shepard/
Creation story, kilms been broken for generations/

Me an Eazy eye guess, Left Eye no T boz/
War jester mic molesters, fry in my fog/
Wicked Steven Smith lit, the wick to wack the wicked/
The wickedest pancake mix, flattened the fucking planet/
u colero wherwolf, of twinky mold code/
Death wish coward, Satan dolls fall/
sHE front with tall joy, to small boys she destroys/
Saw you by the mall pop, yeah wuz yeah you/
Decoy digital stunt op flop, carboard psi op crop/
Chucke Cheese hammers smash, the poison cheese invertebrate/
Servin dates impending, there will be no defence/
B line prime so see death, You think he's intence? Lol/
Simply killin slime while killin time, yuz cunt pawn not odd verse/
Vanquish a closeted queer rat, beer belly fella blah blah/
Uncooked bagel Gargamel, verse razor who hates hater/
Im raiser, did I mention I Am razor?/
3rd eye shanks I laugh to banks, No pounds to hounds del diablo/
Fuck Christ too/
Erf izzz flat BITCH/
Peelin off your scabbed glitch/
Doubt yul ever meet the Master whip/
Smash an cash your SHIT/
I Doolittle move riddles/
If you think I ain workin, you missed the reference youngin/
You're a sabatour dungeon device/
Used to cover lights you can't light/
Light weight poser like Tom/
Yor on a shaky calm/
While /i\!/ yawn an drop bombs/
I hate losers who justify their value with stolen money/
Like Jay-z who is dead broke/
sHE always will be/
Big fake dream to KILL dreams/
Blind side savagery/
Eclipse knots like Badgers reep/
Steve break broke frames, Logan free flowin/
Above ground still holdin, generous tied turnin/
Mind merchant merkin, shovel your brain in dirt pan/
Insufficient idiots, call earned plethora GREED/
Bitch you wont see tips, of my grievence when ei hits/
Penetrating vessels, I sunk your battle ship devil/


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