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posted Thursday, February 15, 2018 10:36:26 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for BasedGod
In the battleground
Where fragments bound to scatter round
Looking like you had it now
Fleeing down the fastest route
Mos yall is passing out
Under a fucking gas of clouds
Savage mouth
Spaz'n out for cash to count
Im bout a mask to crown
These pure nouns im passing down
Cypher been atlas round
.. ink weights
.. bout half a pound
.. maxing out
Plus ya always off topic kid
I stay up on my mission task
A rebel with a rocket
.. bars b like a missile blast
split ya down the middle fast
Choke officials
then blast em with mortars
pistol stashed
passing foreign borders
Masked armed enforcers
hijack a satellite
Gas-bomb an torture
Then fly past extraction site
Padlocked in quarters
find that a parasite
Its gets mad hot then warmer
my raps is like paradise
Haters like... Mhmmm aigght.
He barely right
Injure opposition
configure hostile mission
Got precision
crippling the competition
God gifted song vision..
Im gone.. driven
Being the author existing
To this odd dropped encryption
Your never forgiven
destructions on the frontline
you'll mourn the children
as we cutting off the bloodline
No running from the confine
couple hundred
thought they was cunning
but they got gunned
just fine
Dumb rhymes
you numb mind
my blunt vibe is crunch time
I am
Bliss and sunshine.. In one mind
More sweat
more tears
your death draws near
stress is the core fear
blast the platoon blown apart
spew venomous acid
Im throwing darts
A soul of hearts
Surpassing a level
unfolding the art
but im consoling the mark
that i left by controlling the start
Predator vs prey
this lions to a zebra
Who will have the better day
theres no denying
im gon' beat ya
All these kids rapping
and none is speaking honest
but my tracks map what happened
so you see im being conscious
My words are like prophecy
homer to an odyssey
you fags are just probably a
the boner to ya sotomy
Im chosen like the lottery
when spoken yo I got it G
This no slogan
But change is what I gotta see
You don't spit a rap
you just shit in the bag
... Colostomy
Panoramic earth vision
scan the planets
words missing
canvas a verse worth spitting
so i manage the words
curve fiction
Taking immersive steps
to avert death
call me spiderman
as i spin a world wide web
With curl eyes pressed
after math from the girls ive met
.. Swirl the stress.
End at the furthest depth...
Swerve and step
When my minds been
neutered bye
views an vibes
and whatever else is
karma sutra finds
I'm off to save the day
only started waging wars
there is no way to play
when you depart the major source

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