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posted Wednesday, February 28, 2018 10:13:07 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for BasedGod
Wither like a rose pedal, as it falls into the garden
Then metamorphosis, needs help to get started
When the motive lost motion, chemicals get departed
& decomposed potions, wonít ask to beg your pardon

When ever since sediments, embedded in the roots
Got monopolized by medicine, and dissected the womb

Its like asking a blind man, will he ever pass an eye test
Or expecting him to see, what resides above the skies crest
But you'll be surprised, you can find depth
When Inside every mind, lies a sublime test

So from the years, like 2000 and since
All the way up, to like 2000 and six
I was doubting counting a risk, what Iíve been through
Well thatís just the catalyst, for me amounting to this
A lot of ups and down, when your living in a mountain .. it gets
Me constantly just bouncing around, and not amounting to shit

So I never set up shop, for more then a few months
When Iíd make some bad decisions, then have to move and run
Problems on my back, feel like the truest [huh]
And your scared to face the truth, that itís just to much

They say love can hurt, and it did when I hid
And move to ensure, that no one ever caught
This dude at his worst, and make sure I donít do it to her
Push through with the proof, itís that Iím too into her
The happiness in me, is soothing her curves

This life that weíve built, well it just kills me to know
I should just leave her alone, but I canít and I wonít
So as I stare at my phone, at a text that I wrote a message
A message to her, that Iím sending her so
Iím not even, a huge fan of my own
Actions take over, what it is I have to show

This void that she left me, stored in my chest
And it canít be filled, so Iím sort of a mess
So much effort, that I pour and invest
Itíll be way better, then before when I confess

Remember the time, when nothing ever mattered
You were in love with the vibe, like your coming to gather
Hugging with pride, young kids busting with laughter
Now you try to come and unwind, and itís a fucking disaster
We're becoming so blind, and it's running right past ya
Jumping in line, for something to capture

Looking back now, it's so hard to believe
Or even start to perceive, that a part of the scene
Got lost in the dark, and forgot how to dream

Now my priorities, are habits I've formed
And yea you could say, I'm glad that it stormed
The thunder woke me up, I mean it's happened before
This time I stood up, to absorb the actual force

There ain't a weather pattern, i ainít willing to face
As im watching these puzzle pieces, fill in the space
What a beautiful picture, a will can create
Its a reminder of the hardships, the illness in fate

Cuz far back as I remember, what I hate to contend with
Is the constant frustration, that has me stating this sentence
As the anger starts building, now I'm shaking with tension
Plus the hatred intentions, which only mourn this basic acceptance
And created this message, thatís in my head now
Faking the essence, and blatant obsession
With jaded discretion, form-you-lated this lesson
That we gotta learn from our mistakes, but it takes some detection

Because to see inside, of one's self and image
Well it takes a lot more pride, to seek help then give it
Because you cant dive inside a mind, and tell if its living
But if you climbed inside of mine, you'd see a hell thats risen

We all wont control, but its like the wires are crossed
An old person soul searching, tired and lost
I've been hiding in the shadows, outlining the flaws
When every passing silhouette, has time to evolve
Don't get a hall pass, cuz I've finally resolved
These Inner issues of mine, why they cant be dissolved
Its a bitter misuse, and I'm kind of appalled
As my judge mental side, tends to rise when I fall

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posted Thursday, March 01, 2018 3:02:07 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for thedoobiebandit
crazy rhyme schemes dude, good shit. I couldn't fully catch the flow of it by just reading, but if you have it recorded I'll check it out. If not, get it recorded and show us man

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