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Oblivion Fantasy
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AuthorTopic:  Oblivion Fantasy

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posted Wednesday, April 18, 2018 11:03:40 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for mcfuck
cant even reach the heart of the message
words miss placed my art i just left it
threw it to the hostage i guess he got next
movin to the woods now, time to write checks
zero out my balances, release all the valances
relieve myself of vices cease taking challenges
not brought on by self, take a few steps back
and put my ego on the shelf
this shit took too long, now gone is my health
do i have labor left in me to labor in self
or was my patience latent in realization
that waiting for them to let him lead them was mere procrastination
with blame afixed firmly to these complacent
let me, target you, break the gravel from pavement
see the gavel seeks payment, at least they arrange it
so round up the strangers and wait for an arraignment
what i mean here clearly is i seem to lose sight
of what the arc is like, i might just weld up my life
for light, i kill darkness with my art shit hyped
since been forgetting my life is really like
a fantasy of success on the edge of oblivion
lookin over my shoulder just to see how im livin in
these times got me uncertain, call me unsure then
let me ensure them, yes i insured them
for oblivion, force majuere im sure they heard him

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posted Thursday, April 19, 2018 2:30:49 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
"Face switch bate switch/
Regardless the hate miss/
if u 4 real come meet us/
Im open to adopting u/

I expect u to Judus again later. If u dnt, GoOD job. If u or anyone ever afford a real pass....good. i hate this fucking job. If this is not done all our seeds will be forsaken. My own family STILL tries to talk me down from my right to my throne. I Am not Steve. Steve is simply the best host we could find. He will be filthy rich with no contracts, no strings, diplomatic immunity worldwide and beyond. Steve's honor card is nearly flawless all things considered. You might be redeemable. Legacy is very important bro. Our kids, all the kids...deserve a better world. The wars will end. The peace judges will be more swift, perceptive, murderous AND gentle.

Its a horrible burden to bring this to earth. Too bad yall. He welcomed the worst to convert it back to the best. He is successful and badly wounded but quite a Tiger still. Pretty fucking miraculous.

Bring gud bud if u wan swoop thru. Dnt expect anything. This is far beyond me.

Steve tried to be your friend. U made som really bad mistakes. He doesnt need any help. But humans do better with the collective's help. We gun force u guys to listen. He wants a low profile. He will get it. No mass media coverage will take place without his full control of each shot. This is heART school. We are not from earth. Even we were not able to force Steven to bow unless we led with honor. He is an entirely stubborn, gentle, honorable, ruthless murderer who chose life AND a harem of beautiful women from all over the earth lab. You didnt believe him? So wut. He killed you. U arent a first round draft. We may need to exterminate all but 4 individual vessouls. Steve buys you pitiful fux time. We believe in HIM....not you. Do well and yul do well. This kid is far more ruthless than the former nazi. He hates using the worst of our poison. He was granted immortality decades ago and continues to secure rights and proTech his son. U are fortunate he once allowed u to view his heart you faggot. He was strong enough to hand you a poison tipped dagger and leave you free to try and kill him. You actually tried. Now we have you locked in a misfortunate situation. There are a few people on earth who can verify this as authentic. The rest of you shut off a few lines in to deem the truth as Steve needs to take meds and is a psycho idiot. If u choose to meet our boy prepare to cough up as much covert data as possible, personal shit. U may not power trip. Hes a blade runner Joel. Im sorry you are being hunted. If you behave u can be spared."-X box

"I want peace. The attacks on my life will not be tolerated. All opposition get in line."-same box

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Total Posts: 302
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Location: Don's Market
posted Thursday, April 19, 2018 3:00:55 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
"Is nice to be a boss to resched clients at will so I can channel stuff so everyone can pay mei better.

I dnt enjoy this bro. Its wut no one else would do or could imagine could be done. We found a K.I.D who burned free in heART, mind and soul. His body is mad fucked up...but still crazy strong. He gun get robot parts someday. Or we'll regrow his limbs etc. His soul cant be owned by any but him. We tried to kill him. We even used YOU to do it. Now your fucked yet able to still be forgiven, redeemed, rebuilt. No guarantees. U couldah fought against your command, you didnt. How the fuck we spose to stop him? We cant. He been fried since '96 and he refused to stop being a gud God. The inner sanctum is in the process of handing him the entire cult put at his feet. We are old. He is still a child at heart despite devistating torture. He has saddled Wonder Woman and her entire army. Crazy shit. He doesnt want to hurt you...however he will....if you force his hand. All the shit we ripped from his control, he still bested us, alone. We can not deny our adoration for this hueman child and his undieing love for his hybrid son. He actually wishes such to your kids, love and prosperity, you stupid asshole. This planet is spose to be a slave labor meat farm of sleeping cattle to butcher at will. Apparently their champion has arrived before our throne and taken it. None of us know wut this boy is made of. Our ancient Father seems to have returned to graduate some of these stupid fuck meatsacks to our highest royalty. It'll make lots of great movies etc.. Such "love" trumps our evolutionary advancements and greatest tech. Who is "Steve"?. He is GoOD. His key was fashioned by his own God DAMNED fucking hand. We now look up to him as he simply cries life on us. We exiled him to only see him exile us. Wtfżżżż*????"


Fuk yall gun do? Obey. Yep.

Programming set to universal self mastery and health profits.

U dnt believe? So wut

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Total Posts: 302
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Thursday, April 19, 2018 3:22:58 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
The mor you try to get rid of all of it the mor it grows and gives power and incentive to bring mor thru portals.

I cant make it stop...i can only manage it. Being a great manager is a very questionable blessing or "gif".

Figure once the force is mor balanced I can die with my dick in a model an have one last seed. I cant stop all the murder. I can only change the targets. I cant end the vampires. I can only change the victims. We will eat no matter wut. We can eat less if it improves the house....

U act like i ain it. Imuh terminate Method man and Black Thot. This shit has nothing to do with me as a greedy arrogant asshole. U deceptive bitches will stop killing my kids. Your kids are MINE u idiot. U wer my pal and still AREnt....is no seperation. Electricity is free. Tesla will be avenged. How are u peoples so fucking stewpit? HOW?

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Total Posts: 10320
Member Since: 2012
Location: Sirius or Xm?
posted Thursday, April 19, 2018 4:50:45 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for mcfuck
that was some good stuff man. I actually appreciate some of the self deprecation in there. As much as I've read of your thought moves this stuff with this perspective is uniquely cool. not to diminish what youre saying to me or anything but the way you presented there is a cool angle on how you perceive your life. I appreciate that.

ive grown to know I wasnt meant for anything grand in music other than to realize its catharsis. i seek nothing in this pursuit other than expression. i dont record anymore. i only try and make my music sound different everytime. almost completely left the hip hop genre with my last few projects, but inside lies the break. the math. still here, writing trying to be less abstract and more visceral, less indirect and more blatant.

i just dont have the will or bandwidth to keep deciphering your crispex encoded floopy scoops anymore.

if i did you wrong it wasnt on purpose, end of story.

now here we are some 5 years later or whatever...

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Total Posts: 302
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Thursday, April 19, 2018 5:25:06 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Thx for being less of an asshole. U arent tellin the whole truth but for now theres mor peace. Yor full confession, raw...likely would kill u. Have some time.

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Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Friday, April 20, 2018 1:46:56 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
I cant see everything in the dark perfectly but Joel wuz sent. Come to Marin. No faggot shit. I Am your Brother. Brothers fight. Tractor beam not activated four a fight. U are a Voltron action figured. Bring bud pal. Happy 420 day. Dnt make it not work. Steve nah rely or need you but we need us. I been soLow so muhfukn long i can do that but the comedy of multipulls iz faster and more fun. Fuck You j. I can give u yor big J. Im a ruthless motherfucker. However i hate that part of mei. If dem gave u dem key then u can pretend yor boss wen ZtEv3 is. If u boss right i will follow me. Nobody will ever own me but honor. Lucifer or wutever yuz wan call the asshole of lieing bitches will not ever hav crown control. Btw ya Father loves you and never left you ya fuckKing idiot. Im the hero. I rewrote the part. Fuck science AND spirit. Both are one thing. Yeah yeah no fucking shit. Im only one a many u crossed...U made me stronger. I didnt wnt to be this strong. Martyrdom iz dumb. Yall gun share the weight wether yuz like it or not. Or i wont pass the hueman race. I will end it. Lucyfairylands so bitch COWard dem WANT ME to kill kill kill it all. Fuck that. Legacy holmes. Clean this h3ll the fuck up four tha kids. Our seeds deserve a more chill mundo and healthier sustainaBull flattened earth lab golden retrieve her. Ain no God without thee Goddess. Give that bitch wings. Many more will die. More can die in peace. This epic never stops. The superheros in fag suits arent takin Alpha command. The few honorable faggots that have alpha command only fillin in. Maybe i can grow the fuck up mor too. Obviously i have and can. Nobody gun trap this. I watch the watchers. Method Man and Redman still flank my moves. Red more nobull than mef....i understand their hatred but that evil white bread is not this 01|10....see that horse shit?!! Oh golly...u stewpit assholes. Knock it the fuck off. I knew decades ago i couldnt fight a million foot soldiers by myself....so bow down already and stop the bullshit. I been leading since birth, b4 an after. So have you dumbass. Listen to Cobain...all in all is all we are. So, many took the ass rape path an got blackmailed and extorted into the puppet factory. Not my fault....pay yor own fukn debts an stop blaming others who are not guilty. I can only help...rest is up to each an every. Hypnosis mass media is all in all wrong. Stop eating children and keepin bitch in cages to give birth to kids to offer up to the demon....knock it off.

No, itz not as ez as jus sayin so. Just the start. Pushm the fuck back. Give incentives to snap out the mind control. Self Mastery bla blah blah.


This looks like a psychotic joke
I know how im perceived by the dead whore meatsacks.

Blade Runner 2049 is a cool movie.

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Total Posts: 302
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Saturday, April 21, 2018 3:47:28 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Pay tree lit patriot, paid free wits wages lit/
money tree day no fumo since, already smoked all containers hid/
Broke skulls caught the lift, no bull noble shit/
Globull throats I slit, flattened erf widda fucking fist/
Brainiac mad Max maniac, chill drink an mainly laugh/
"He'INSANE!" they smash? No im extremely sane in fact/
Murder me murder me, reverse bursts your minds collapsed/
Slave brains can't calmpute, I denounce false master moves/
Rappin on stage, at private parties juiced/
They'll copy me sloppily, and keep me guarded clean/
Diplomatic Immunity, truency to schoolings weak/
Built my own school to preach, church is just virtuosity/
Lopped religion's head off, they will follow the lead/
Coffin breed monopoly, so far off but they want to see/
Patterns rapid eye movement, Lord of all these dreams/
Surfboard my wave, tidal wave breaks the beach/
Sent from wet throne, monster of the deep/
Why fight in the street? When a private car sent ajar/
Took me hungGrilly, to Wonder Woahman's family/ who cant handle heeps, of ammo cream mammal meat/
my balls bust bursting free, droppn seeds in peaches breeched/
I hate the color pink on me, but she loogz good in heat on me/
The bitch i eat the bank is full, mission manned cumplete an low/
Another bozo glow episodes, another day and week of flows/

Shapeless is a professional Visual Artist and Independent Musician from the Bay Area in California,  U.S.A..  Available Projects below:

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SHAPELESS, Album4-"Shape Rocks":


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