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Kindness To Clerk's | 16 Bars
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AuthorTopic:  Kindness To Clerk's | 16 Bars
Dyme Secta

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Location: spacetime
posted Friday, April 27, 2018 4:00:43 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Dyme Secta
Let's have some fun, thanks a ton if read along and comment.

Thrive'n the city know'n demons lurk.
First things first. Show'n kindness to clerk's.

On the far side of the earth. Both hand deep in the dirt.
Magnetic megahertz. Each verse spiritual rebirth.

Societies are stratified. Can't decrypt what is classified.
Greatness magnified is meaningless. Even Diana died.

Bodies vandalized. Monosaccharide can't be hydrolyzed.
dymesecta amplified we can collaborate or collide.

Glide'n dragonfly over those minds who misapply.
Rhyme patterns natural not synthesized never miss'n a stride.

Witches can't see dyme with ossified bird eyes.
Think'n it's water drink'n flood tides of fluoride.

Learned how to grow collard greens in the sunshine.
Every day every second life on the line on cloud nine.

Eat'n lobster claw under jade vines. From time to time.
Burn'n mountain bridges all for the love of the climb.

- dymesecta

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posted Saturday, April 28, 2018 8:52:39 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for Porkelin

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Location: Sirius or Xm?
posted Saturday, April 28, 2018 6:33:12 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for mcfuck
seems like rhymes for rhymes sake.
take a break and let your rhymes take
shape, not shapeless like water from the bay
shape like form, just apart from the norm
this is just lessons from the stepson of norm
dont be normal or contrived survive your own swarm
of ideas, try fears and placing them on pedastals
let the hate flow thru you like you tearing off petals bruh
seems super forced to me thats why I dont comment
i see you using recipes of enemies in scaled garments
so ease up, open up im hopin that you hear this
dyme secta need to release the beast, spit fire from the spirit
not on some fake shit, say shit that means reality
dont toil away grasping at these straws in binality
these words stay here, so in sense innocence lost finally
like final boss strategy, use averaging to get the math out
dont dump the denominator cause the fractions seem assed out
this is just me, passed out, dont take it personal
or serious i wreck egos like stepped on legos
my arsenal heat rocks, thrown from the top of broken churches
i just want real emcees to spit real shit from their virtues
use your moral arc to hurt you, fuck a feeling what im selling
no emotion in true talent just let go of formula telling
normally failing try compounding your ornery yelling
into cognitive thoughts so I dont think you born to be yellow

j/k get some mcfucksecta

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Dyme Secta

Total Posts: 504
Member Since: 2017
Location: spacetime
posted Sunday, April 29, 2018 7:49:39 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for Dyme Secta

Interesting perspective.

Think'n U Special

- dymesecta

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Location: Don's Market
posted Sunday, April 29, 2018 10:49:57 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
"Thrive'n the city know'n demons lurk.
First things first. Show'n kindness to clerk's."-enjoy yor suicide

Yada yada u help her wear Prada/
enjoy the bag yor in/
ya head bashed in u pinyata/
broke ya fangs off snake robba/
congrats ya recon gotcha slaughtahed/
ya report wacked like a doormat/
slow this victory sword drag/
wind gasp outcha face snatch/
u a pity P Diddy/
Take that take that/
we incinerate and bake fags/
and take our cake back/
you a fake lake flame bath/
flamboyant in your bate craft/
Eyem followed by Legend brethren/
under breath they call me THE Legend/
Shake devils with my presence/
simplifying the undead's dumbass messes/
Why yall pissed at me hmmmm?/
where vamps crashed by dem reflections/
This mirror is ancient pure magik/
held by a magestic blessed head/
peace is all I ever stressed/
yall jus fill ya diapers/
and frame the better reps/
Im a fucking corpse forever fresh/
anomoly master of psychology/
crushing your fucking neck/
this got demons beggin for desks/
when its elementary Watson/
Dont think like a wretched cunt/
u wont get fucked in the head/
tracking suckers like a DOGG/
fog subside my shine crest/
haven't had Crispex in awhile/
your corn crops cant be considered/
I eat cereal out Beyonce's mouth/
and drain my lizard on her fish pur/
Thee hello nasty Daddy/
black beach forever fat ei/
Crown control crash your trash heep/
My joint's divine evergreen/
He Flava Flave AND Chuck D/
Patient wild fire elation/
Mommaz calm cum suck mei/
Bubbly baby lovey dovies/
Genuiely only one a mei/
desperation grits ya teeth/
ya style's light weight/
Im not a nerd Im a savage genius/
U cant suck my penis or see it/
Im balls deep in venus/
I eat pussy til she creamin/
Cock she slob an crooked wok/
cookin twats wit crooklyn mob/
praise due I trade shoe/
Balanced out the trade route/
this ish cant be eclipsed/
off wit ya eyelids bitch/
Fux wrong witchu dumbfuck?/
Shape the iLLest ever/
ask my Voltron cous/
Estudiando fill a bong load/
Fame ain on the level/
So psalms bomb and Kong "foes"/
"Jump in the trap STEVE!"...No/
"Follow the hype Steve!"..No/
I flatlined their wack minds/
My jack giant bashin TIGHT/
I'll rhyme past tha end of time/
Blah blah blah

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