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Blood Letting
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AuthorTopic:  Blood Letting

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posted Saturday, April 28, 2018 2:39:40 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

Exorcist phantom ship/
over ciudades/
bomb on the right wrong steps/
Lands of death threats/
smile with no friends left/
cause I'm my friend I guess/
notations expose patients/
to ghosts like those ancients/
no phoenix for the ashed stages/
where they elevated the fake shit/
underground perceived as crazy/
sawblade frisbee fillets faces/
shocking jolts slap the jaded/
whole world died a million times/
skeletons parlay in dirt decayin/
we stand divided in unmarked graves/
tomorrow the same as yesterday/
regurgitate "That's just the way it is"/
and that's the way it'll stay/
Art work starts to flirt/
sparks burn her nipples alert/
bold mouth rip her soul out/
spells devout demote worth/
she just wanna sell tickets/
and be a hoe cow/
all my bros sold out/
city lights freezer burn styles/
spirited away after the torture/
awakening with magik attackin/
while being eaten by vultures/
cauldrons and Coca Cola/
but the park after the rain/
invites portals I can't afford though/
my heart is cobra food/
coughed up into an outsider/
without sly work to pry verse/
ya jimmy can't bust locks outside her/
sledge hammer hammock/
kick back when drums smash/
It's slammin God Damn it/
the damage of the transit severe/
fighting for my life is reflex/
when I wish I wasn't here/

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posted Saturday, April 28, 2018 6:51:58 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for mcfuck
ive always been fascinated with 'blood letting'

the term is archaic and full of violence.
post violence care takers perform on violins
meanwhile im in a chair, pulling strings on firemen
alarms to watch them rush into meet heat and harm
unarmed in the streets just greet the fuckin swarm
with open arms, be open to armaments and ornaments
that way when you get awarded shit, you can place it upon your garments (garmer-ments)
and rock it, like a boss did, or would in the woods just outside hood where the alarms are at
where the farms are at, where they grow new arms and shit,
i mean limbs not weapons its the same thing innit
i was trying to be clever but they severed my digits
so i cant call on noone or count all my fidgets
spinners were a cool group my dad introduced me to
them and the coasters funny names back in sixty two
i like that bebop music that scared my grandparents
i joined jazz choir cause I wanted to curve hoes like san serif
font selections for album art arent hard when you artist
its only hard when you try that way, or begin at the start its
too easy to be greasy and too hard to be guarded
so ill defer to the next bar for poignancy
im far from we TODD it.

what are you even doing dude. are you alive? are you seeing kai often? are you further along in your 'evolution' than ever before. do you feel like im closer now? i am. i live in sacramento now. have been here for two years. but i drive an old diesel landcruiser that goes 58mph tops, so doubt ill be cruising to marin anytime soon to enjoy our previously scheduled fisticuffs and pugilistic activities. either way, hope youre well. i like turtles and hurdles. but what i really like is imagining turtles doing hurdles, but they just have to go under them. like in a race. so catch my mania onetime homeboy i dont have alot of energy anymore so let you have some. i care. but fuck you. dont have time to argue about anything when im constantly in grind captain mode. dont argue with me about what you think i need to admit too. it will only delay the inevitable smoke session. fuckface. asshole. motherfucker. why didnt you link me to your new shit so i could judge it and make you feel powerless? isnt that what we fuckin do, old man?

floop to the coupe my darlin time for fuckin crispex and a hysterectomy.

ps. hows your hairline? mine is wrecked.

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posted Monday, April 30, 2018 12:17:23 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Do Not say his name again. Thx.

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Total Posts: 293
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Monday, April 30, 2018 12:18:41 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
You're getting a hysterectomy? I knew you wer difrnt

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