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Lucky Trash
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AuthorTopic:  Lucky Trash

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Member Since: 2017
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posted Tuesday, May 01, 2018 4:50:46 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

W4tchin my steps, they're plottn my death/
my options are fresh, design threats from /i\ friends/
NO incest, NO motherfucker eyell fully reflect/(prison sensed)
Speakin to the whole ei mirror, though the whole me partially D3AD/
incestuous spearIT, can NOT act on its stress/
Ed a puss education, good will survives NOT wrecked/
epic star, come too fucking far/
FanDamnly not Bruce Lee, Mr Lee only ride wit ME/
Dem wan a physical test, BITCH im too old for that shit/
IF you MUST, prepare for death Imuh RIP/
^THAT part, not bout rap art/
I got whores to ketch, deep up in the wet/
Reep up in the text, lookz like we up n UP next/
imagine THAT, a joke it had to last/
Until I had to smash, Hulk hungry/
She didnt have to ask, trick say hi to Dad/
Mos High an trashed, cum reallign need racks/
90$ eternaList, journal rip forefather vets/
aye Reggie, you know the KID doperest/
King crazy psycho dyke snow, honey snort him she UP roped/
InvisiBull not edible, Skoob an Dre like "YO!!!!*!!!!"/
I give pounds all around, clown towns world renowned/
Foundation layed down, real cold host bold ghost/
Layed the foundation fukn solo, worldwide underground/
The upper supper now, scuba gear here dnt drown/
makin money right now, code 17 gunnin clowns/
rip your shit like WOW!, formidable clown not a clown/
Paradox fuckn face flop, criminal hero pop copz/
Dinero out that locked box, psi op paratrooper God HA/
Javelin in old hazard vamps, Imuh bit less old am amps/
Bassilisk licked ya bitch, few of um are loyal kids/
She weaker than him, she bug off power sent/
Devour rich hours lit, need a good circle to keep is head/
Certified seven live, 5150 end your time/
Fuck you Saint Peter, I dont want your job anymore/
For now lock the door, we go to the throat of war/
raw dog in her gord, bang the beaver till its soar/
Sharper than butcher cleever, cant duplicate its blue seether/
Norse mode source code, talons talent pyor gold/
D12 demoted to three elves, Fuck you marshmellowed "marshall" cell/
Best you stfu, and work on your heart's dorsil(doorSoul)/
Your curse flew by, yor horrific morse code/
$till ion Ey3 can use you, even slew you true blue/
We up from a deeper end, severe the bends hurt like FUCK!!!!*!!!!/
Where's Kurt Bowie an Pac?, prolly all laughin like HA!/
HAHA thatz whats up!! Mighty Duck not a duck/
Sellin wolves wolf tickets?, trapped your trap ya sol evicted(4thaMoment)/
Yeah bro hasBro, ya hairline like OH SHIT IT/
Toast to ghostin, u toast he ghostsmith/
Im not confident, bro the monsters in conquerin/
Still shere will, iLL skill 42 yr intro/
Press fresh images, thank you Kinkos/
$he lick my balls, no hoemo she pay me though/
Guide her needles, she want me so/
m7hfuka i ain no hoe, BITCH this is REPO/
Reep? OH creep low, barely even tryin../
to BE composed, dont need these flows/(WE DO)
They're for YOU, temptin Cobra Duke puke handless handler/
Mole augh I handle ya, ya wut 10plus yrs a rhetoric?/
I make fetuses reversed tha veterans, looks like its 10 again/
And again and again, and again and a Gain/
Lockm out, see how I felt back then/
Trap dem mouth, catch the vapors FRIEND/
pull mole guy HI, Look in my EYE from 2-3' away/(don't)
State why you came, state why you aimed/
Admit that you missed, tru heart cant be slain/
Tired reign aquire rain, its tiring mang/
An ancient spirit M.C., I'll try to clear Krs wen he ready/
I am your family, you will never forget me/
Fluorescent amarillo, am a real sol/
Replacing the skys light bulb, see Im THAT growin COLD/
Needle sew hope, renewed my sole steel toe/
BRRRRRR so werk like blur, irk like word?/
Merc like WORTH, worth with nerve/
genius not nerd, penis got her/
get in cookie cure, a harem an dummy diversion/
Couple ops follow, in decent proximity/
I allow my sons, to check out infinity/
Infinitely is all in he, FUNuncrushed DUMB/
Crush girlies come cum, on the low nymphomaniac/
Yackity yak balls, dont talk back/
In an iLLumiNOTei meeting NOW, like shall I.../
Let there be light? You epic exagerated twats/
I dip squads an rip cops, untraceable this God/
Nobody believes a word, those who know shhhh wicki word/
Im a mothertruckn maniac, im not goin to fuck my mom/(disturbing fax)
Its a bloodbath, scheduled on a map thumb tacked/
off tha scale dumb mad, earth flat scale flat/
population control, maybe give Jaime his soul back/(u pussy genius dumbass)
I dnt wan be on tv, but I Am me/
All the inefficient cunts, bent in the way doesnt thrill we/
Many are GUYS, that shit is disgusting/
Imuh cut this off, my filthy sol is too bloody/
Im tryna heal and help you, heal yourself cuzzy/
A better fucker beast love lead, seize peace to quel tree/
Sara snared up, Moses costume lair cut/
Wear it, you got a relative elvin dare up/
I dont fucking care, cause I care much/
Parralels, make cheap versions/
OG Steve, gate keep lurkin/
Sol merchant, you may buy copies of reflection/
$oul NOT for sale here, you obey reeps weapons/
I parlay eat breaded, eat her ass its medicine/
Im a nasty asshole, SHE passes me key an locks it/

rebel ace son
Known hatred
Expect nothing
Peace to him and protechshun
No Jetson just jet lung
Best one to chest pump
Vexed son now rest 1won
We love you bay water nasty Father
Come come ya mother dotr cotr
have fun be gentle
she is scared of you
Reassure her
Veil cloak ON
Lucky kid. Congrats jackass
Test pilot riot silent
seen it grabbed it
she said yes and smiled
now you have it
be kind and gentle
keep away her sadness
move slow stay low
she loves the bags gems
Stfu this crazy ass shit

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