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Ionus Z051

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posted Saturday, July 14, 2018 4:53:20 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for Ionus Z051   Click Here to Email Ionus Z051
Too hurt to be angry thinking “it’s all kinda funny”
How the truth falls in raindrops when the sky’s mostly sunny
Mo problems – Mo money: But my pockets on empty
Heard life is a test – pass or fail when it tempts me
Should I yes – should I know, the answers’ ain’t definite
Supply and demand got my plans at a deficit
Smoke the old testament while studying the new
Finding Zen in De Vesta... 20/20 world view
Who knew: that everything that I was seeking, I possessed
I simply had to do away with all the demons and the stress
And the pressure in my chest that stifled my next breath
Sometimes you gotta curse just to realize you’re blessed
I guess – because really… it’s all trial and error
Some act like patriots but they’re campaigning terror
Just wolves with sheepskin graffitied with calligraphy
100K a pop – taking a tithe of ya ministry
Ya pride, now ya misery – payment for your raiment
Used to hustle thru ya struggle now you prayin' on the pavement
Starseeds on a slaveship… Shaka’s now shackled
The strongest don’t survive – they’re tracked down and tackled
Another faded memory – no justice – no penalty
The blood washed away so tomorrow won’t remember me
Not here for your sympathy just pondering my purpose
No beauty just the ashes – got me scratching for the surface…


©Zaquir 2018

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posted Saturday, July 21, 2018 1:15:13 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Peace GoOD God. This is Steve. Keep ya head up man. Boutcha will. What is your will? To overcome? To bow to a mob system built by subordinate fucks? No. Keep shining bro. I apologize for being an asshole. I am extremely protective of my heART. It is my spiritual flesh. I still bump Elementals. Thank you for your continued good work brother. Create the world you know is right. Never bow down to the deceiver bitches. "Fight and run away. Live to fight another day"-Good ol Bobby Marley.

Im on the app Bandlab now. If you get it we can collab across the world. No rush. We grown with kids. I remember u once said I was a true mephistopheles tribe member or some shit. Wrong. Im the whole turkey pot pie jerky....Balanced. Im the Dark Crystal shard back home. I fight for and protect what actually is real love and integrity for all peoples. Idgaf about race or class. I care about character and honor. I will viciously defend the formulas of health and wisdom and longevity as well as court "devils" to put them to work. A King or GoOD Father or benevolent entity is meant to round up the bitches and teach them and confront dem. "Demon" can be enlightened and shift UP to higher frequency and balance. Or you could say the host body can learn to move up and away from the demonic realms of choice and thought. Yada yada...We are meant to shift between realms and GROW wiser. This world is crazy dumb. "All in all is all we are."-Kurt Cobain...true. Putcha weight in good. Everybody may not WANT love but we all need it and humanity is taught more of blind war than that of smiling and laughing for a purpose, life. Everyday is a gift. See the blessing within the curse. Fuck religion. Universal truths are the path to peace and wellness. Study all religion to glue the wreck back together and trace the demon's roots. Block dem ON. Turn dem the fuck OFF. U know but the mantras and self talk and refining is an everyday thing. Peace.

Take 2... oh you went ham on that one famo!!



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