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Expose This Invisibull? Nah
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AuthorTopic:  Expose This Invisibull? Nah

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posted Sunday, August 05, 2018 4:24:13 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

Bitch I spanked you with your hand/
connected you to your plan/
Dissected your scam/
Collected your ham/
Crushed an body slammed your ram/
Doctored your audio/
Ushered your Goddess flow/
Hoe you're impossible/
U in a hospitable hospital/
Ho spit a bullshit raw diss flow/
God shift wind woes/
Win foes grim knows/
Dark skinned chinese guy/
Def toned in Pop's home/
Im dumb huh? Nope/
Jus got balls like Luke/
Natural born killer/
Overthrow my bitch's system/
Fear's fiction eclipse it/
Frequency identification/
with love.../
Open letters in ruling planets/
You disgraceful rat bitches/
M.oney O.ver B.itches/
M.oney O.ver B.oys/
=Faggot planet/
Humanity D3STROYED/
Hoe u such a damn bitch/
Fuck u bitch be a Lady/
U smart and you sharp/
An u a shallow bastard baby/
Cash curse wack nurse/
How many dicks u milked?/
How many clits you spilt?/
Obvious I wannit raw dog/
Ya moldy sugar so filthy/
my dick might fall off/
U say that loss is not alot/
U came 4 a new rock cock/
Then play me like Im soft/
Jus cause u mad af/
That u not God/
On ya broom twat flop/
Expose wut u dont see/
U slander emotionally/
Devoted to hating me/
Sad sick lonely lovely/
Undercover ruck an reep/
Envious? Wtf? U bonkers/
Get dragged like cave girl/
Betchu like ya hair pulled/
So many lovely spells/
All ya lovely traps/
Bitch i saw ya put love in that/
Box me in like NO, u wont/
No mob will touch his zone/
Yall fuct ruxin bones/
Yuz jux in close/
Sample vibes an note/
Tryna bus black magik/
How yall front on magazines?/
wen ya so wack at this/
Exact riffs tax an snap dem/
traction attract fat hens/
Cheeseburger doll dunce/
U Cat Woman an shit?/
Ignore me Im nobody right?/
U a dyke on Feds dicks/
To dick the God Dick/
For payment evil ancient/
U chokin on sausages/
Cursed in bursts dark bliss/
Dearly departed mark witch/
I beg your fucking pardon?/
Pardon you booby boo lose/
Loose like slut voodoo/
Shotcha cuz I like ya/
Doja eye pipe ya smitecha/
Deem this worthless/
U a bored broad hor slob/
"Door knob to your job"-girl6

No, door knob to your funeral/
Ya really rude ya know/
Ya flower wilt in guilt/
Come direct or never/
Marilyn Monroe moron/
I jus want a girlfriend/
You are the world's end/
Hiding in crowds of your aliases/
Pay me in kisses an dick licks/
Oh u know how it all works/
U claim to of dug him up/
Wen u skeleton covered in dirt/
Siempre see yuz bums comin/
I ain runnin/
Iz Y eye run ting, no permission/
Jus Am King...../
All yall wacker than fuck/
Ya up is down n dwn is up/
$hut up. Clean it up./
Torch the black heART/
scorched go back Start/
Shrunk ya head in that jar/
Daemon ego frequency trap/
I hate that fucker/
Why u leddit run u dum rude?/
angelic KunG Fu drum doom/
Crush your ass like won two/
In a drum loop u eat poop/
How nice to fight your demons/
watch u get loose schemin/
Handy wipes from truck/
to ya other alias crazy bitch/
ya dog is an asshole/
U jus dodged the eye bullets/
U the rong eye cold witch/
Fuk iz rong with u pussy?/
I ain trippin bout lafn at u/
Ez to make peace tame beasts/
But if u a fame leech tamed reep/
plainly gaming for l.o.d./
That mine too boo boo/
Introducing Pangea/
U called me a coward when YOU were hiding behind an alias talking about yourself. Im DUMB to dispell the lies that ruin the world...sure guys.

Better to die with honor/
and self respect psalm work/
then to live as a rich/
disgraceful song bird/
disloyal dim spoiled/
Hard boiled trouble toil/
dick milking slut rag/
Rigged bitch evil royal/
I dont owe you shit either/
sissy seether beaver eater/
U love nobody crow body/
If you cant escape the curse/
That party is no party/
its benefites in cash and connects/ are a worthless nasty wreck/
The Destroyer that destroys/
without higher purpose/
towards peace and prosperity/
will be utterly crushed/
Tidals impair cities/
The worst fucking haters/
Sell all their love at work/
H3LL plan.et
No help
Humanity faces extinction
It's a girls fault
Coward cunt clucker cheap crutch/
Breeched stunt leech runt/
At least the big punch/
is just punchlines chump/
Everbody gets banged/
Unless you innocent and strong/
She some inverted phoenix/
Lower an lower/
To appear...higher an higher/
Dead tree red dream/
Bed Queen deadly medley/

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