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4th Childhood
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AuthorTopic:  4th Childhood
Leo Duh

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Member Since: 2018
Location: 90's time warp - 1999 whare I actually FUCK my HS sweetheart aka Amy Hi**er
posted Thursday, August 23, 2018 11:15:41 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for Leo Duh
I found this old rhyme book in my green Jansport
It took me wayback towards before Brighton Park was a crack ward
The punky QB Jim McMahon with the "Pluto" headband worn
Little bro chillin' on guitar playin Duran Duran chords
I hid them NWA tapes in my Crayola crayon drawer
With some titty magazines to keep my pineal gland warm
Had my head up my ass, life is somethin that I never planned for
On the back porch bending the brim to keep my Raiders hat formed
Met Dave and Dan then we started the Eclipse rap click
Ford City Mall was where I smoked my first cancer stick
Coughed my brains out after only 2 drags of it
Bought some Mad Dog 20/20 kiwi lime and had a sip
Dudes like "Whatchu be about?", I was drunk and answered quick
False flaggin "Folks" so we got our asses kicked
Tried to switch my outlook to a lover/pacifist
So now I'm at a high school dance doin' the cabbage patch with chicks
Introduced to rap by Vernon Davis and Gunsaulus natives
...Before that i listened to Weird Al Yankovic
Bullied in grammar school it became the basic way for me to escape the faces of hatred
rappin in the mirror obsessive adopted the cadence
But lets roll back on Variflexes for this next flip
At adolescence, before Eazy, Dre and Ren split
When it was all about California Games by Epyx
Clash of the Titans Pegasus, and Sour Patch Kids for breakfast
...Around this era i was on some kind of head trip
As I reflect on this I lost a few good friendships
It makes no sense to hold within all these regrets kid
Thats why u hear my 80s references and confessions

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Total Posts: 2148
Member Since: 1999
Location: Toronto .... FUCK YOU
posted Wednesday, August 29, 2018 8:41:29 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for HitemUp
Nice nice...Flow on point. This was real. Big up ya self

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Total Posts: 370
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Thursday, September 20, 2018 1:07:23 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
"U rite gooderester than people hoo dont right gud

"Variflexes"....I had one. Independent decks were too expensive. I can still remember the magik. Now we got kids so murder everyone in our kids way. All the kids gotta stop the evil stupid shit to manageable levels. Nasa is a black op money laundering program to steal our wallets and minds for example. The lies must be removed from public school and so on. Lots of blood shed to go I guess. I promise everyone on earth will do wtf I say unless they are wiser with a stronger heart. Yall aren't. I have no friends because all adults are bribed bitch cheap marks. I am alone. Redman is too slow and too little. Thx 4 tryin Reggie kindaNOBLEalittlebit. Hmmmm 3 wild turkeys just showed up literally. Draw conclusions as u please jerky turkey. You are less of a bitch than many. I hope you continue to refine and erase dem on hog veils. Evil is forever and is vital but it must shrink and bow the fuck down and know its fucking place. Most humans are utter bacon bits in the dollar bin on sale as free toilet paper. Pitiful

Now 5 wild turkeys, literally.

Hoo hoo gun kill evet|S/(*)\Z|teve?

NObody. No one has ever kicked my ass. Please try. I literally flatten cities by kickin flows over beats channeling live. DeceptiCON systems do not $upport optimus matrixes of leadership. The drama is boring af. This bomb blasts throughout the entire world, ripple to a tidal wave as soon as i post it. I Am monitored 247365. All the good I do without pay and yall fucKing idiot COWard faggots wait for me to slip to highlight one wrong out of a thousand rights. All hoes that can't upgrade are dog food.

A hit was put on Steven Christian Smith in 1996. A KILL ORDER. I had learned two much. I bec4me Logan. I was actually murdered but I survived it. Thats complicated if u dont get it. Thousands of black magik hits have been put on me. Just makes me stronger. Dem hold NO champs to match. In '96 I took over the planE.T. eARTh. Why? Because I Am its guardian and I take care. Pretty simple. Tide has been turning ever since. Everyone against me will be converted to self mastery or erased. Removing my host will only make me stronger, more swift and ruthless. Try it. Since Liotta knows and has some greatness u one the first I'd scoop. Activation, money, fun, edutainment health, I'd son Joel too, Nate, Sab, Robert. It's the thought that counts🖕;🙋;🖕;.Eminem is doin more now but iznt enuf. Hei know Im comin four his throat as I should. It's already done. Rtj christmas miracle. Nah...JUST GoOD WILL hunting wack hunters. Billion dollar words. Yep. I will not be shorted. Everything will be revealed and we will all start over and use tech for health and honor. Pretty simple. Generations of webs of lies will become common knowledge to elementary school kids who will do better for this world than my parents and their parents. Dem on mirror attacks with shallow ankhs to appease we. We are displeased. Dem mirror attack will attempt to deepen in a greater false effort to reflect we and sway we from conquering red6 cheap fux....we will stay unappeased. Dem on dat bs eventually will be pulled into genuine revelation where dem swallowed and converted to the essence. Reboot, reset, bahda boOm.

Fuck yall gun do? Yall goin to do wut I say and clean this fucking mess the fuck up. Cia, fbi, nsa etc all puppets will be hit with this. 1won Love

"Got to build our love on one foundation, or there will be no love at all"-Peter Tosh....

Yeah, built on my fucking back. My pay better be coughed up in full bottomless accounts with diplomatic immunity to eye scan every international leader in person. Hip Hop is mine. I Am not a white boy. StEv3N simply saw We and sacrificed his entire life for all of you to wake up and wipe your own fucking ass and STOP blaming others for YOUR SHIT. Kinder, more sensitive, swifter, harder, more ruthless."
-Book X\*/X

"Orion, stfu. Leave. PEACE does not mean to feminize the male populstion and gender flip mind fuck the planet.
Satanism and Luciferianism will be destroyed. Stfu bitch. SHUT UP. Watch Nikitta Denise get this by tomorrow from molejoelholenetpatroluselessfuckville"-Book X page FUCK YOU

NOW not available at Barnes&Noble!!!!

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Maymon Fresh

Total Posts: 1045
Member Since: 2008
Location: Can you be perfect
posted Saturday, October 06, 2018 5:56:38 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Maymon Fresh   Click Here to Email Maymon Fresh
This was dope i would rhyme with you

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