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Anti Devil/anti Christ/anti Lies/an Tie In Eyes
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AuthorTopic:  Anti Devil/anti Christ/anti Lies/an Tie In Eyes

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Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Saturday, October 27, 2018 12:24:24 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

Toxic and righteous, talking oceans of blood/
incognito insignificant, suicide stalking bate mud/
had enough drone betas, you 5 against 1 greatah/
jealous haytuz I hatecha make up, fake fux bukt to steak ducks/
GoOD struggle like ever1won, miracles aren't to impress the DUMB/
bitch this is expensive son, all mentioned I mentioned none/
inherent pattern I pass it, who caught the match lit/
ever since our past lit, the path foot to cap hid/
vimana fueled with onna/
wen wit no nada, you a pinyata with no mana/
to convert ya slaughta, to phoenix Ali higha/
in symbols see ya sia, unfreeze to key up highya/
low level leeches latch on, parasitic baseless bitch trips/
when dem dumb venom, is on my shit an my shits licked/
justice severs necks, of stumped stubborn stupids/
backhanding commanding, metallic Lion roar hot boxing/
Kung Fu concocting, goin off on links half asleep/
worlds ion EY3 keyp, code key walls weep/
fuck you whore I know you, no you do KNOT know MEi/
you see hoe he, he he broke free/
Mos yall can't swim, yall don't go so deep/
I knew I never owed those creeps, Gs exposed those leaks/
I was always one to grow, cool elude and prevent heat/
Grind into smoothe grooves, high operating flesh machine/
underground to ground zero, up ladders to see dreams/
joined with disappointment, humbled but weaponized to a T/
kindness burns frames, with Freddy Fingaz forcing pain/
running herds of horses, over burning fucking corpses slain/
Im stronger than mei, I do not parade it like the forceless/
the force is horse and horseless, RTJ obey guns gorgeous/
scissor the legs of Sza, Solana summa from soul winta/
inna inna win augh, strange sicka than sick brick burn/
molten revolt swollen, a patient patient Doc Ainchent/
she can tell me that I made it, wen she display radiance/
penetratin illumination, from the smile she gave him/
rasatootaz r jus cumpewtaz, bud eye can see/
how this DICK resErect in her, perfect dinner/
already disappointed, iLLumiNOTei ships destroyed quick/
Stfu call all the elders, time to uplift the spell work/
or ion eye can, send you str8 to H3LLZzz worst/
all jel merked bells burn, hoo fell first held hurt/
division sells turf, ending well work an hell lurks/
toddler sandwiches, snowballing avalanches/
Claws sharp on harps, controlling weather circumstances/
Silver Deers damage dem, dem on a sandy cliff/
who oppose ya eyes closed, on the low of high roads/
bitch both wagons fulla bricks, hoe Imuh bout to let go/
if you don't make ya face close, this ancient masonic temple/
will break your fake bones, while I nap like a cat/
surrounded by skulls, my no show fully expose hoes/
Your all show reveals case closed, you dead froze under snow/
Boba know all those clones, aint the way to go/
so all go away, so all go away go/
all go away, hasta luego/
fuck I gotta convince you for? I don't and I know/
but there's new wars to behold, the confrontation of self mastery/
who will really take hold? or compensate with empires of hate/
for ALL YOU CAN'T GRASP, I destroy dynasties with one bar/
but I left my thot, fams the only friends I got/
I hate them less, some loyalty helps us along/
everyone's tired of IT, the media keeps trumpITing strong/
BITCH SHUT THE FUCK UP, all we peoples want love/
basic supplies there's enough, and free flashlights for the dark/
an even in the deep of deep, 4 we W3 have a spark/
WWIII hijacked by 57Ev3, you dem dare dead done/
See we time come now, now see we build an arch/
Internal timeless fulla sparks, it's w4ter at the heart/
universal nature razor, a tear of something greater/
than the wants of the well fed, the chalice tip for balancing/
and now we drink.....

Shapeless is a professional Visual Artist and Independent Musician from the Bay Area in California,  U.S.A..  Available Projects below:

Shapeless, ALBUM1- "Endeavors": cdbaby.com/cd/shapeless

sHApeless, ALBUM2- "Underground Colossus": cdbaby.com/cd/shapeless10

Shapeless, ALBUM3- "Idiot Genius": cdbaby.com/cd/shapeless12

SHAPELESS, Album4-"Shape Rocks":

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Leo Duh

Total Posts: 942
Member Since: 2018
Location: 90's time warp - 1999 whare I actually FUCK my HS sweetheart aka Amy Hi**er
posted Saturday, November 03, 2018 11:18:08 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for Leo Duh
passion of Christ
passion of Christ
u thought I said it once but I'm rappin it twice

Partial IP: 224.194.89


Total Posts: 454
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Friday, November 30, 2018 7:38:13 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
I agree that you're a cursed cunt

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