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These Miniscule Galaxy, A Flex Wreck Your "reality"/
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AuthorTopic:  These Miniscule Galaxy, A Flex Wreck Your "reality"/

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Location: Don's Market
posted Saturday, December 15, 2018 5:42:09 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Vault the vile, cart dem viles/
imbed heArt on the files, overthrow scum sheets/
GeddupOFF thesze, siameze if you please/
You die in disease, if you don't please/
approval of wisdom bleeds, you'll need to proceed/
Or demons bang brains out, stake out ya house fuh take out/
possess ya mouth sound, invade ya cage down/
the beasts were always pets, to those who spoke with D3ath/
the truth is lost to view, yet all require true friends/
unglued loose ends, deficits savage styles defend/
no surrender break arrests, take golden chests from breasts/
Lesbos in bed votes, to best estimate my total pubes/
the winning group when cued, can kiss my soul as I'm renewed/
covert attacks hack, stressin my signal feedback/
Riff wind shifts,collaborative effects LIT/
truth slandered, overwelmed vacuum standards/
the dirt swept under the rug, amounts like landfills and iLL/
mutant variables, new lines to kill/
letters legislate, shadow cult codes activate/
woopsies, decapitated master control/
saw my blood in the road, once the stitches in my neck healed/
still nobody knows, human dialogues dim domes/
Shocking cheap sheep, made into Mickey Dz meat/
No true F4thers, might as well drink bleech/
Let me out of your "IN" crowds, solitary confinement is a pleasant vacation/
devil herds mock with verse, until them in awe in a hearse/
and I do not pop off, seeking to be popular/
I demand elite plans, full STOP and disclosure/
murder me PLEASE, and my COMMAND will only grow worse/
surrounding the clown's clique, Harleys riding on a clown's Dick/
purple Portland sex organs, distortin reinforcement's fortunes/
woah....born kissed, by the sorceress hot pussy wet/
Red witch bit her blue, on my crotch got her sugar tooth/
Fuck the grid stomp on harps, walk on arts pop the jars/
I slapped a giant five, we shared some Honey Comb cereal/
Enigma hidden world method, tickle giggling frigid women/
Biscuits burnin witness, she orgasm like magma blastin/
Im rock hard hammering, wanna bite her thighs off/
hunger hides long, winded sex romps/
bless the gods Bless the Gods, flex in lock sox knocked off/
peach in jaws who's the boss? Albatross floss yada yada ya ya

Shapeless is a professional Visual Artist and Independent Musician from the Bay Area in California,  U.S.A..  Available Projects below:

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SHAPELESS, Album4-"Shape Rocks":



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Total Posts: 434
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Saturday, December 15, 2018 6:08:26 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Bitch make the vowel sounds, you know you owe me now/
Sickening power slamming, frequency jamming puncha ham king/
beligerent bitch old friends, lettm die and no amends/
Ion EY3 step aside, calm in my defence/
so easy to disarm a thousand years,
a thousand years of harm/
kid formation procrastination, restless monkey ass masons/
off balance dishonest, slobs on knobs off rotatioshun/
denying the truth promoting, conversation bout fake places/
Scooby Doo woopdy woo, we are The Who? face it/
Recently upgraded, with Doja Cat's boobs sprayin/
milk like a cow, Penthouse to basement/
A few watch me close, I rip dem see who come true/
My bodies an aparatus, for spearRitual attraction/
magnets grab it, clap at the atlas/
Spank her ass hat, until out falls a wabbit/
ravid on her magik, cook her cookie make a habit/
She ride a snake fly away, an cum down to satisfaction/

Partial IP: 224.194.89


Total Posts: 434
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Sunday, December 16, 2018 6:50:53 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
evil cowards bow downwards/
vibration clash you're devoured/
superficial sick fools/
disempowered in rain showers/
wild calls styles brawl/
aisles of blood an gun talk/
X-files of fun stunts raw/
lungs sprung some locks/
frontin bitches cunt crawl/
no honor or self discipline/
so you take a dumb fall/
Red rum claw drug hawk/
if she wan come cum/
fuck talk her lust walk/
love like a glove on/

Partial IP: 224.194.89

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