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Two Bettys. No Rubble. Bubble
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AuthorTopic:  Two Bettys. No Rubble. Bubble

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posted Wednesday, December 19, 2018 9:05:33 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
I suppose two girlies caught we, I feel ok takin us 3 shopping/
even if black card key, no malevolent wasting/
manifesting yer pastries, donut hole tasting/
Bitch take a fucking shower first, hours lurk to power purrs/
this the God you killed for? No longer iLL whore/
Somethin trumpet, made you feel more/
you youngin hunnids, my boxer short banana peelers/
I watch you eat her first, the spirit heals its thirst/
bodies portals, need three in deep sheets/
Kill for Steve if need be, know this dream will bleed teach/
sex sanctuary agrees peace, yada yada blah blah/
Doorway of pyor pain, snorain in your veins/
remnants of venom's grace, source code case eternal lakes/
mental cinema sin in yah, jealous miniatures dim an stuck/
few follow, my greed borrowed/
a collective decree, made all's disease follow/
mass burial brandish sorrow, filthy innocence hallow/
I suppose Billy Corgan, assumes he'll be sacrificed tomorrow/
an act of ice, to help heal my back at night/
dem wrong way to spell, and wrong ways to dispell/
same laws I keep healthy, same pillars where wealth breed/
saved my sex an jest, to blaze her wet set upset/
bombs explode inside her head, vibes and tone connect/
she another fucking bitch, fear fortunes block frames/
top knock dock sane, insane severity sardonic slaying/
blind bastard lively hoods, apply to die for my livelyhood/
She not suprised my wood, capsized her fat ass so good/
you invest in steps, void of clarity/
best to respect the God, set all your hatred free/
in decay you'll see, you have never aced my beach/
a mutual day displayed, her lace gave her peach/
my throwaway jewels, build schools with blue renewel/
evergreen Tesla teams, with murder squads in trees/
Daemon bows gave a cow, it milks my dick with its mouth/
She bored as fuck, want sword love in her but right now/
fancy slut antsy yup, dancing spilling cups/
Security spies on blurry eye, won't catch me ion lights rights/
invisible chest pivatol quest, banquet bashin televisions/
Nah yah cant see me yet, believe we fresh left's right left/
Slapped Johnny Cash five, bomb heat blast live/
maybe keep it in a past life, vision documents delivered diligent/
severe ill militant, build when bent killa fence/
peace is boring some said, not when paired with seX/
Bless her yes with S, 5 fingers stretch/
Etch a sketch breath, delve in depths once death/
Morbid host forfeit, she won my corpse boring/
push her the fuck away, to lock her urges to stay/
there are no rings, honor your plastic mini pool by Helga's hotdog frog saliva..../
spin fog like fuck OFF, curb your crumb songs dumb long/
saw my soul rub off, on some scum hog ruck dogs/
Money over bitches, Money over boys/
Lo siento now we crush mobs, no apology Apollo reeped/
She swallow fleets, caught her bestest sleep/
sincerely swim to me, body language sing symphony/
sick savage Queens into me, syncronicity given treats/
Been a natural, not bout popularity/
jus loogin to bury these, balls deep in Dairy Queen/
From beyond the firmament, he confirmed the rent/
he accept her spread legs, she an intern apprentice/
Blah blah the Feds are faggots, you feeble pawn fecal/
you spawn inverted dawn evil, lame cons wrong people/
when there's a wiser path, for you to see through/
Im so fucking sick of this, drowning little ships eating shit/
Push ya worst test, Mk Ultra vulture vanquish death/
Not this or that, bout whole ei whole map/
Pain thresholds star collapse, not fake like mom an dad/
mercy upon dem, hacked in a demon's trap/
Punching myself in the face, many struck so how is that?/
the cow collapse, the dow is fat/
No ring jus grow things, and make her smile....blossom to laughs...
Boss spit God rips, she plots for this sauSage/
she talk sick toxic, gone off visions of my thot trick/
too iLL to pop it, over half the cult murdered/
get the fuck off me....

Desperate pussies, wan me to flex wretched/
Catch an fetch it, release her cum like armageddon/
reveal my pet's slit, naked wet puddy tat breakfast/
Sexin her sex kiss, kissed her legs split wet shit/
Release the Crackon, fucked her ass crack bliss/
Caveman cunnilingus, an fun with finguz/
Shadow breeding seedlings, to run AmeriCunt/
Beyonce Jay-Z is a faggot, so girl suck this fat dick/
My bi bitches can spam tongue, and luck you afta/
He not a dumb deuce, only one to Masta/
all come who backers, trust nun jus fuck fun/
spin you dizzy latch lurk, line up with ya wack verse/
be careful how I slap her, Imuh relic in a bubble but bastard/
Hell spells it out but subtle, Im lucky well above all/
Piles of poison pens, profound loot to surround you/
The deal with no signature, spoils of war a thicker bound new/
Peace to Jersey brick, and your shitty infantile support/
Ten thousand fake Kings, spring forth to hide my forks/
Poseidon sport pop corks, at 1won with airborn accord/
Door shift stone dust, my bone is shown love/
Her humble angel stuff, on my fucking mangled rust/
Angel angled up, self sacrificial all powerful/
Ate pizza with Jesus, Satan in his white sheet shut/
How the fuck you gon strike me, when Im polite and hype PLEASE/
sado masochist clap yo clit, tat ya wrists with stitches/
Baphomet submits, as hand of the King/

Too much Game Of Thrones/
magma flames in poems/
building lands I've loaned/
forever roam my homes/


El-producto DDTd, broken kitten creep/
so yer the police, bound to burp fuh daddy/
put them gloves on, infront of all your friends/
so you gon box me, with no fucking defence?/
betting on your carrot top slop, and willingness to offend?/
Fuck TALK, these guns squash bots/
Wild Thing styles sting, invisiBull swing chaCHING/
OH it's not viral? Mass recognition don't define scilos/
freedom fighters and heros, an all on screen ass Dineros/
you can't back your mouth, I slap you down how that soun?/
Chris Hogg clone, oh but he a wapper now/
Teron tore up, floor fucked Dora/
I suppose you thankful, that I even mentioned more stuff/
Mole soul my fake friend, yor a Jake friend gay tent/
Daemon's slave ten, the fake hen whose hatin/
Smithsonian two blueprint, Steve Smith's home improvement/
unknown in resonance, ever blessed in eminence/
Why empower the drama, girl I undraped ya arma/
Chill, I'm oldah/
Steel Reserve Seal type, Armchair woya/
Counsel Generals an souljah, gold untold of four corners/
Say wtf I please, log effects stock your debts/

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