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AuthorTopic:  Conundrums

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Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Friday, December 21, 2018 6:33:12 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

Done done, go now run son/
I'll be right here, to hold dem offed/
misery fuels my limbs, true school avenged/
upend fake friends, scar you with d3ath/
spiritually castrate you, until you pay debts/
wolves lions bears, compared to hamsters ensnared/
hype your cursed coordinates, condescend upon accord in tens/
you grow strange fruit, then you refuse to claim truth/
the group that restrains you, will hang an trade tombs/
many slaves are fair with integrity, the poor more golden blue/
how long will you choose, to swear you won when you lose?/
accept the consequence, Suicide Squad defence/
Xavier God ascent, clockin hot pinned hens/
you fucking SUCK, I suck a lot less/
you the god of dumb stress, I putcha moms to bed legs spread/
the point is armor piercing, fearless poltergeists steering/
seems ya hard of hearing, until ya fear appears linked/
you can match ya best batch, like your match to flamethrower/
I overthrow yer dozer, case closed you no merk/
You know but talk wants, fuck wants WE assess NEED/
Royalty unspoiled SEES, health profits evergreen breeze/
fossil fuels buried deep, now stay buried deep/
Adolf Trump duck goosed, into the slum's noose/
mountainous piles of fuck yous, 1% scum bums in view/
Steve took no sides, who STANDS and upholds LIFE/
Sick a my ex flex, abusin my son she makem cry/
orchestrated soldier stasis, trynah block my design an lifelines/
Cash is death, nominated to enslave steps/
upper esch chex, only after your soul to them/
I suppose glow solo, an bein my own friend/
has beaten them undressed, as Baphomet fucking itself/
Dire dumb squires, hired to smuther wise words/
evil's people always on fire, despised by a flame proof janitor/
look at me money deep, if I could fairly exchange the seed/
here she cums, bitch Amerikkka/
bit my heart's art, just to tear it apart/
guilt wilts her filth, she tempts with sex an mills fill/
fabricated fornication, she sell it spells bankin/
Visions of eatin her cake in, a shared basement base lit/
I deliver rain swept banged heads, shades of wraith death/
filleted flesh in cases, untraced origin game flex/
circle fires set, for me to collapse on new stages/
OUTRAGEOUS, uncontrolled opposition/
Oh you figure ya numbers bigger, and SHE can exploit the ancient/
problem is ya weak hearts, lessons leverage in deep scars/
buncha fucking bullshit, the leak's chart to free stars/
La la la, Las Angeles freak bark/
hustle your hustle, lo siento you bent fools/
Imuh ghost with no rent due, everpresent friends duel/
Motherfucker this is school, Escuela del Espirito/
there it went here we go, spiritual science miracle/
Miracles whipped hard, Smashing Pumpkins with Mayonnaise/
Siamese Dream track 9, I know we can gain the praise/
These Djs know my name, slapped Guru five at S.O.B.s/
NY know it's grace, in a damaged bagga bones/
Santa sacka shit poems, leaving a trail of skeleton bones/
stop tryna take his home, forever ion roam/
Of no institution, not a servant of Rome/
gluttonous coven pricks, get cooked with no ovenmits/
Imuh white Black Op, Fbi Cia Nsa come suck my DICK/
Yall fucking pussies, sacrificial picks are useless/
you fucking cowards continue, to kill the WRONG units/
all yall top dogs know TRUE POWER, resides where truth is/
unearned power corrupts, those puppets placed in wrong positions/
blankets smuther nations, strangulation by way of graces/
we are to rest in peace, yet you make the grey sick/
Disgraces debased riches, you can't even survive ya own mazes/
amazin extortion, the lore an floor swept/
no more ignorance, monotonous crops to flesh/
on my shoulders Das Efx, guap end test reflex check/
Channel 7s from point zero, break 98s like anti heros/
I hear cheers from weird hoes, shakin their chains to curl toes/
the whole fucking world know,...........nope/
only a few friend foes, and occult canned clones/
a long ass mating ritual, lettin us all be exposed/
it's ok, love an self acceptance save days/
all my devils are in pain, suffering mother's Kings/
who feels the right way, sometimes the light is night's face/
Dem on DUMB blast guns, docile desensitized pawns played/
who ya who do the, dumb shit the fake boss say?/
when honor is a goner, so is the hueman race/
Chump Trump caught lumps, bitch stumped punched in the face/
moles knocked on ya asses, cash this in sand trap pits/
with ya informer data, for your foreman's wage/
dem study my Master, and fake it on camera/
if dem nah control ya, dem trydo damn ya/
cliques blitz through brick, shallow masons eat shit/
sea sick on my flow, tidals roll an thats it/

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Total Posts: 434
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Friday, December 21, 2018 10:11:46 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

My lil buzz droppn pollen, got her fallen all in/
her bitch body callin, for me to chomp and mall it/
prolly walk aroun town, in the mall a bit/
sew bit she submit, sub hit wit rip her witless/
fulla shit for christmas, until into her soul spit laxatives/
Boom Bap BOOM Babs, honey bunny you asked for it/
not black magik script, includes face to face death kiss/
otherworld sex brick, masonic medic red sits/
sit on my fucking face, first you better wash it/
Washington squashed with it, gobs of momma tits/
Bang bang on Ms Thang, arrangtang flame grip/
Wanton soup with this DICK? On psalms you two wet on whips/
bag her ass in glasses, Im on like Tron pimp/
sweeter than molasses, she smart an the part fits/
goverment designed, she allign their final give/
Keep your fucking soul, Steven Blacksmith if/
you represent the real, we are all but extinct/
Dive deep into her pink, tell us what you think/
its not delusion, collusion kool ka ching/
she drool a fool a King, two mules with Shrex no rings/
she'll be careful how she sings, prayerful uncommon things/
two zombies wanting oddly, quite the same thing/

Gave me keys to give you
so she lives to lick poop
ballin up suns
scarub sick sleuth
on my dick she spit loob
loobcifer sick troo
left right left fresh
too twist an lif troops
fantasies and fucked youth
son's a fucking asshole
I block the demon
come for me bitch in view
ooooh u need it cunt chewed
ya rump roost bad news
prolly diditall
an u dint even want to, dyke.

How dare you babble GAMES
fuck ya name fat ass
bad ol lame bastard tame
bathed in flames u touched the reigns
I letchya lecture clock the pain
Docs not insane jus lets it drain
love lust and hate
dust upped tears praised
we a whole being darlin
Darts hit your marked hips
guess I saved your giant ass
covered her in arches
I love some ya marches
its blank canvas dear
So, what are ya drawin?
its larger than the largest
im bigger than me
an sometimes the smallest
u see it all shifts
really its all SHIT
if we can't secure some love
and adore some in happiness
my craftyness often lacks a lip
Mefz other head brother Ref
needs a mother I guess
cause I gotta awesome kid
who can be a horrible bitch
u can relate asshole
and u can help him live
maybe help him big brother
if I give u a kid
u say keyp it down low
when you not down ALONE
another asshole operation
spiritual warfare an glarin clones
Kai I kick you in the ass fast
accountability wen u knot nice
an know you can turn around
and untie 4 redemption's time
Am we Liein? Nope...
need hope like street popes
heave ho lift the deep soul

Soul block dem on rocks
Bust in dem face dem face off
pape mache ops made lost
cant brandish wiz chaos

Asterix my in debted child
I can take your shit it piles
but I cant commit to smiles
jus keep u under my wing awhile

Ration out my blood
cover mine in blessing

Partial IP: 224.194.89


Total Posts: 434
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Friday, December 21, 2018 10:34:13 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Vroom Voltron bleed out/
suppose they need wut I lead now/
stir up a breeze dem wreek foul/
kicking cannibals in the teeth ow/
see my cannibals feed now/
now wut did I leave out?/
juice profuse indeed DROWN/
fucking fleas dont heed/
in hoods and dreams we dial/
fuck you I run the class/
jus like I allways have/
watchm fall in praise/
cuz "Joel" hasn't blocked me yet/
with his otter and dumb ass/
I don't believe she'll stay/
she'll show or not each day/
fine if she be gay/
long as I approve the other kitties/
to make her cum lace/
she young and dumb dazed/
Dracula smack you up/
she cant complain/
she love them run ways/
cant wait to take off/
and sell my love to fakes/
buh maybe my loves cakes/
will rake the maze aced/
an be happier underground/
independent doin our OWN thang/
Rome's "King" phoned in/
P ditty you a hoe rinsed/
go take another shower/
then let her record with Pharell/
i sed so.....
the dead flow till dem dead hoes
get me that dead dough
Im never bested invested
IT all in life's poem
vibrating into my Home
in my Ladys is my hoes
keep ya eyes closed
this is private skies
one eye inside her thighs wrote
written psi coals
hotter than all rivals

Partial IP: 224.194.89

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