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Tru Est.♾
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AuthorTopic:  Tru Est.♾

Total Posts: 434
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Friday, January 04, 2019 3:23:48 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Quil ink spill, build the King shield/
fields of things killed, reeve rip flip reveal/
sensible vessels, fair trade or olay/
or gang way fuck hate, jus get the fuck out my face/
unconscious stomps us, I'm jus tryna stay awake/
dem sleep no defence, we come fuh WE breech fence/
train in sport an mind games, who champion fair play/
an who slick in disgrace, shades of ace make ways/
evol need love son sun, zall 1won in tha same/
Im not an asshole, just sick of all the shit/
So Imuh DICK and I came, slam blast stake some claims/
I know what's deep within, yes I believe in chains/
plus climbing when declining, learning nothing isn't optional/
pause the whole dot dem skull, take dem host drama nope/
dem Queen give dem mercy, knowin eclipse in Berkely/
dirt dE3p hurt bleed, nerves seen lunacy/
doom cool wit me, jus bout better timing/
of catch and release, snatch unlatched her schemes/
the story is old as, the whole past mold rash/
murdering divided slime cliques, when I thrust disgusting tridents/
I smell blood, fuck battles between cattle/
we in shadows in saddles, sweep exacto fuck your century/
ever patient never sleep, no need to remember WE/
the moments potions, owned in forevers dreams/
manifest ram the flesh, say10 once dem wrecked/
G in is is, deep breath start again/

Priceless Relics
Bodys drop while unearthing
Candle drip spells lit
with care and blessing
all dem frames breakin
...u have any clue
how outnumbered i been?
You think so? U mistaken...
slavin gold pavement
bold statements awaken great men
....and women...omg...the women

Shapeless is a professional Visual Artist and Independent Musician from the Bay Area in California,  U.S.A..  Available Projects below:

Shapeless, ALBUM1- "Endeavors": cdbaby.com/cd/shapeless

sHApeless, ALBUM2- "Underground Colossus": cdbaby.com/cd/shapeless10

Shapeless, ALBUM3- "Idiot Genius": cdbaby.com/cd/shapeless12

SHAPELESS, Album4-"Shape Rocks":

Partial IP: 224.194.89


Total Posts: 434
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Saturday, January 05, 2019 4:08:40 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

"Luciferian pawns will all be slaughtered. Keep talking shit you entirely brainwashed beligerent arrogant goons. Such fascinating lemming failure. Any decent half day research into the earth being flat reveals a horrifying indoctrination since birth into a world of extreme loser pig ignoramous feeble short sighted deception. All the tools of Megatron and Cobra Commander are gone. You will painfully survive enlightenment or die suffering in the dark of ACCEPTED reality which is poisoning the truth when thE3 wHOLE truth is the only cure, 7D6. AmeriKKK4's four is D3STROYED. The military will overthrow the Bankers and Rothschilds etc.. You bastard muppets keep yappin while your joints are severed by your false master's imbecile cow herding plans. Goy and sheep are turning to Lions. I WAS once trapped in dem on D.U.M.B.fuck shadow gubment GOVERN.M3NT(CONTROL MIND/MIND CONTROL) veil. We come fuh we. evetStevetS earned passage fuh we. Wuts(WHAT'S) odd is dem at the inverted fake top of the world leave clues to see who can discover KNOWING over belief. Entonces dem on D.U.M.B.s try to recruit rebels to serve dem in bondage blackmail in exchange for pig presents in the Gargamel faggot gang. I prefer busting nuts in Tank Girl's mouf and PROGRAMMING the demise of you puta bot cheap foul twats however. What the wild will do with you people, you deserve. There is no excuse to deny the obvious. Whatever the majority agrees on must siempre be questioned tried and tested. Simpletons are easy to buy off by the red6 guard. Most hue.man beings have no rights to air. You fucking morons waste resources, take up my space and spred the DEATH of integrity while all method of poisons are shoved in your fucked bitch faces and you tell your meat kids "everything's terrific!". Your deep sleep will become more and more rare. The stone age Queen awakens. The ancients were vastly superior in technology. The same colero b3ast bitch idiot "system" which uses FEAR 4 consumption profits and breeding expendable SL4VES out of control...EXACTS GLOBALL POPULATION CONTROL as well. Higher ups give no fux about u stupid fux who stabilize dem rhetoric. Most of you are too dumb to BEGIN to grasp the basic codes I've left herein. Enjoy having your brain burnt to a crisp inside your skulls. I survived but YOU fuckers are not /i\oN EY3. You globey bots are too sheltered, too slow and suck way too much foul dick. The rhetoric fortifying the globe LIES is entirely weak and selfish, CURSED. You bitches couldn't grasp a metaphysical poetry slam pure decryption triggered wave bomb if your new born's life depended on it. You people ARE WEAK WEAK WEAK. Ughh, gross. God is GoOD. Humanity's been flipped to perceive evol as good when context IS OBVIOUSLY SCREAMING THIS IS NOT GOOD YOU GOD DAMNED FUCKING FOOLS. Lies and bad magiK are bad, DUH. WORD is "magiK". Words are code we learn to manifest needs and wants....magik...with a K. How many of you study etymology? Likely ZERO of you shit babbling cunts do anything except COPY others words without in depth cross examination and fine tuned questioning. I just MURDERED people with this calmMent...im chillin in b3D. How many of you MASTER LANGUAGE? None of you do.....IF you THINK we stand in Australia upside down you are an idiot. Its easy to make toilet water flush clockwise or counter clockwise no matter where you are. Independent rockets have proved outer space is h20. If you have NO SENSE dispute it like a BITCH until THE3 TRUTH IS POPULAR A GAIN. No one can sTOP THIS education. WE have taken our throne back. YOU WILL ALL SEE US OR BE DUST. Lil *brown girls will be *PROtected from you fucking dickless faggots. BACK THE FUCK DOWN. BACK THE FUCK DOWN. BACK THE FUCK DOWN. Have fun proceeding to slander me as "crazy" and without WISDOM over your knowledge. People become misanthropes due to feeble scum who try to reinforce lies and stunt the growth of INNOCENT CHILDREN. WE really JUST hate YOU diablowjob cheap ninjas who follow blindly with no depth or integrity. COWARDS!!!!*!!!! There is no AUTHENTIC opposition to TRUTH's power based on truths that have been KNOWN for millenia. FUCK YOU nASSa slave bitch bastard foul fucks to crushed skeleton bags of cheap maggot food. ENOUGH. You have NO champions. Get the fuck off my giant noble shapeshifter goat balls. G0 BUY MY heART reflections and music and beg for more you disgusting half wits. The only rebuttal is following commands. Try something else I fucking dare you. Expose youself. The wise will SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO STUDY ALL SIDES THOROUGHLY. WE 1Won."-EiLowHim;

Partial IP: 224.194.89

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