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Roll My Eyes At Kids
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AuthorTopic:  Roll My Eyes At Kids

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posted Monday, January 21, 2019 11:27:20 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
On the playground, ya know...

Advanced standards, unban lance landers/
bullseye sol cry, mech uprooted out planters/
Purple banner slam birth, earth's hip grip split her kitten/
her cunning cunt black magik, majestic inversed destruction/
boy losers run runts, pig pens disgrace elders/
this ink drink, the deepest well's word/
Proven Truths confirmed, when will dem learn?/
an a dread is a soul, another part of the whole/
dividers devise dividends, corruptly filter both ends/
robbery robbery, and robbery again/
no foundation investment, fear fed puts us to bed/
Kill me? Nah, I'm already DEAD/
death done due true correct, an Im diein under pussy wet/
right after climaxing, beyond Thunderdome/
tongue kissed my Queens breast, conceiving King two fresh/
upon my last BREATH, Feds tracked all the steps/
A courtship of mind and soul, instilling consciousness/
once again monstrous stress, busy chop lop heads the fuck off/
Boss sauce albatross floss, still racists reframe information/
to blood spilled, and idiots mame a great friend/
a whole life lived, proven I'm not them/
Then I see Hitler in africans, tryna flip and go again/
when the problem is, a universal Loa/
thats dumb as fuck, and the guilty hoe wont rest/
Lolla been slow love, Sithe took her boat of quota/
she holed up an holds hugs, she wan roll up and promote love/
her heart barely spark, marked as the arch of death/
tragic nectar inbred blind, I was not far behind/
But I surpassed blurred fast, tachyon yawn elbows strike/
ya God damn skull's, a plastic caseroll bowl/
Fear fence get thicker, further they descend/
ancestry one kind, you break it we still wont bend/
You take it go hed, we leave but never left/
Left rights right left, you're shoulders with no head/
Stake my heart you mark, funnels of light resurrect/
I digress yep, so u in eye respect/
Helpm up a gem, before dem slip ascend/
wishful in the fish bowl, of sicka sick skulls/
Dull ripped moles, ya skulls fulla dick holes/
My empire is the rebellion...not George Pyookis../
He said yo yo eminem!! And joy nerd Lukus!!"/
Boom bang pow, first hit steve with a Buick/
Two bitch prune witch, hiero junky poon pit/
Ooooo he news it, pop runes rip crews clipped/
Mary cat's ass bit, cum to Poppa offer clit/

Throw a brontasaurus, while Im snorin/
The rose is gorgeous, knows she'll enjoy it/

"Many dem, 1won J"/
10 bend dem agin, bow to Sensei/
few defend fate, few amend an then create/
goy toy in joy destroy, natures voice and swallowed steroids/
like chips ahoy in the void, employ amoeba androids/
Dem lab coats of eve 6, and pizza gate pizza/
yall trippin I secure zebra, officiate launch lions/
Riding upon an elephant, elvin sense in melded amends/
call this worthless, your death is purchased under ships/
Legions mistreated me when, I was where you're left/
My views impaired rare, jel us against the jealous/
overwelm with humility, blindside death locks follow/
unless you buy tomorrow, I bleed miracles yall owe/
cause wack fuck zombies, cant see passed a small hole/
porpoise portal punctual, functional rambunction malls/
Giant assassin, on ya moms lap when/
She on wit like Goddess, she slap her bastard backhand/
more a your debt, she tired a incest/
she tired of perpetual, superficial diversion/
babies burnin like lanterns, yall ain lernt yet/
spirit heaven sent, amulet fetch diamond sketch/
Fine like Im rhymin rent, dimes in debt climb the steps/

Destroy my dream, the dream is gone/
itz now reality, he lit her teeth release/
she give no fucks free, she is not freed/
patiently I pay whats free, ALL go extinct when she deceive/

Bit Nicki in the clit, sup Elreeka u smelly bitch?/
can't tell me Im not adorable, yor brothas horror skull/
is dull an horrible, Das Efx punches Akil/
Get real calm down, snot psi ops fake my sounds/
uncontrollable, souljah scroll Chirico/

She "black" tho an latina ps an asian and blanco mom n pop brands

Devil-"hey Steve you can't say that"


Yor the best no i am no u r no i am no no im rong no yor rong yes no ok no no yes oh thx please yeah yes cool no NO NOT nevermind

Drowned guys wanna steal mines

Hey slime make your own mind🖕;🦁;🖕;

Nikita Denise a liar. Its not a white man's throne. ItzZ StEv3z.

Go ten billion steps back...Liotta an Nate an Sab an Joel dont belong here either. Eager beaver seethers. I smashed sum pumpkins. Put my dick in her Lead hers. Yall fake love treat her like u dont need her

She a pelvis preacher
Im not Elvis either
Eminem can't hold this
sick sacred soul clique
bold bridge bang an arrange
no strangs an fuck strange dames
explain why I came?
I Am King

Laugh at the craft
my kid will too
Imuh real doOd
spilled my blood fuh kill yous
cous u pussies ain true
still you aim to rule
gud luck tryna pass YOU
Imuh a last two
Hope my last deuce moves
to help u asswholes improve

It will
IT wills
Done did Dang!

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