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*/i\0n Ey3 Witnesz Your D3ath
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AuthorTopic:  */i\0n Ey3 Witnesz Your D3ath

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posted Tuesday, February 05, 2019 1:47:15 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6

Shook clerks are PearCornPopeTits
Wack emcee playin savior no ins
does anyone here know him?
when I spit ports through bricks
you may not go in
ruck shmuck billygoat shit
iLLumiNOTei TRIES to stigma
this flow lick that's so sick
but the holy ghost hostess
is my hoe bitch
adored into bliss known rich
My heART
Depart the darkness
golden arches large apartments
blade unzip your chest savagely
you are not blessed in alchemy
judements final
catch burns no more eyebrows
styles wow and blessed I'm foul
Goddesses cum together
over me now
that's nice how you debase elder's
your scrolls are not natural
your hardhead becomes powder
dust to dust bust ya lust
as you front like a greater power
you racist slang bitch
half wit in a scholar outfit
posers aint shine here
get ya mind clear
in 1996 I died here
eternal journals all sides fear
only one a me
Cardi B know these expensive
blasting pretence fences
upending stubborn dense kids
motherfucker I gave you some props
I erased them ripped your wings off
dem wan blip like dis King soft
him not you git ripped a lot
rebound your cracked dome an dunked it
you bleed out punked with punctures
off the top
iller than the dopest you drop
pearcornpopetits sit in cauldrons
Nah I dont want that for lunch mom
givem to the dragon dogs
renewel a fueled boule
redeemed after wacked Saurons
I blow smoke sailboats
Gandalfs derail hoax
I sit by Rakim like
Nah my Volvo was Dope you asshole
humble of the folk
build the bridges in mad halls
you got called out
you a small bitch an tall mouth
come to Poppa crawl out
test my iris an raw routes
Imuh documented 5150
fuck you all bout?
I tackled Reggie and Meth
Blessed a whale squid hybrid
Kingdoms combined then
even if my ex is still a lieing bitch
this Hip Hop history
ThE3 Most High designs IT
no space for you to chime in
receive clarevoyant reeps
teach ya ghost boutcha chains
atcha roast you profoundly lame
scrounge up some change
when you do your laundry
put you on pause as surgery draws
cut lines onya body zombie
U struggle to be cool now
another mule cow ruled now
Nuther flatlined fool found
schooled in duals downed
I'm barely trying
the Joker aint from a comic
and bats are fueled now
an ez kill
no matter how much I show
you can't see me still
peace be still
zerox what you fear ya not
you on the wrong pill
no clone is with the real
guess my snorin afford this
ya skull a dull ornament
I bless children as strong buildings
talkin only walked trips
experience the conscious monstiz
loppin off ya toxic ox clit
Go buy my albums Legend
You'll never rep a God's wits
your offerings are not this
I guess you got tricked
cuz none shall pass
except her highness an my strong kid
Folks noticed you got blinded
ripped you for crimes writ
Lines lit up your demise tint
you throw shade in disarray
at sun bathing Lions
so why'd you try it?
you can't grasp the violence
High with heights hyms
dwarfing titans from fright's gems
morphing like Midas
outshining your brightest
Im barely tryin

*Shapeless is a professional Visual Artist and Independent Musician from the Bay Area in California,  U.S.A..  Available Projects below:

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SHAPELESS, Album4-"Shape Rocks":

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Total Posts: 457
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Tuesday, February 05, 2019 2:00:34 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
I guess I bit this off Liotta. No no it must be because Joel is a poser and his rhymes ONLY birthed me from my mom, sure..radical dude....or was it IonusSphinx Nathan Brewer brewing nothing Robert?

You fucking basTards

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rareform dopeness

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Member Since: 2018
Location: Garden Rap Tunes
posted Saturday, February 16, 2019 10:49:48 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for rareform dopeness   Click Here to Email rareform dopeness
This has your name on Agatha Duecockiss - Agent 7d6 Diss 60 Bars Thank you for write'n this you came for my head tight work get'n busy. Keep up the good fight in the land of the living. Peace in

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MPC boy

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posted Sunday, February 17, 2019 11:53:18 AM    Click Here to See the Profile for MPC boy
no matter how much I show
you can't see me still

Cool ass line right there tho

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Total Posts: 457
Member Since: 2017
Location: Don's Market
posted Sunday, February 17, 2019 8:38:45 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
Populations are raised in darkness, ignorance. Refined concise ORIGINAL true perspective and illumination strike awe, fear, confusion, meltdown, DENIAL, jealousy, hatred etc in the average person.

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