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Missed Her Kool
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AuthorTopic:  Missed Her Kool

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posted Friday, February 15, 2019 1:32:42 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for agent7D6
She on fire like a squire, a candid lampin prostitute/
wizardry tickles the key, to open her door an eat her chi/
I enjoy the covert courtship, bodies litter the blast radius/
Simple Simon analysts dismembered, call my tigers made of fires/
grab her by the fucking clitoris, with invisible golden plyers/
through the lies I caught her, she was catching a glimpse of me/
two Shreks in doom blessed, now what bella's hell stress/
her sinking ship rank and horrible, but her pure amor shore adorable/
Lillith demons scheming, foolish kid dreams flail on hooks/
the present hail looks shook, I advance calmly into her butchered mess/
light beams ricochet restless, her demons scramble wretched/
Begone you filthy bitches, he was called to witness/
Now darling wtf is it? Steve gun massage messages?/
or leave you headless witch? choose your fucking medicine/
hoe I gotta no fucking money, looks like you don't either/
if you just an actress, doin backglips offa mattress/
right into that ditch, sure I'm happy to be passed it/
you loveless dumbfuck, ruck slut somewhat genius/
fuck I gotta slap you for, so hard with the Penis?/
can you really have friends? Looks like you're owned zone/
is offed and long dead, black widow spider webs/
heartless super nerd, drowning in dark closets/
clockin you cause u cald, an I eat females sugar walls/
broke your bars the fuck off, boas on Yodas chopped raw/
See you fucking BITCH, Im a natural the magik's living/
vivid rips sick wicked, I push spirits to positive bliss/
or decimate dorment dunces, flurries of punches stump kids/
I rise out wheelchairs, turn humans into lunches/
exercise a healthy respect, the Master is not wut you expect/
I Am just one of we He4dz, go wash ya scum put on a dress/
you are quite lovely, despite your witchcraft and arrest/
no wedding ring in the cuffs, at best a friend inya wet muff/
you look like a natural too, but my dad was ok/
and you are a bastard, an at 16 you turned to dust/
or so the theatre suggests, watch me blast you I flash doom/
I call spirits into clearings, from unda yuh flesh/
the thunder is cool huh? Bitch I make you my mule cunt/
honor love an truth are Queen, you don't really RULE huh?/
I take names and stomp brains, I take lives and change pain/
I make ways and name names, I Am the Father no games/
sheep can't fathom the humility, which conjers lightning slayings/
there are three sides to pain, I can lend a light for now/
but only honor an wet pussy, will allow way for staying/
you on outskirts sour dirt, jackin small crowds fur Lucifer/
human pelts owned an held, pretend like dem ya babies/
you a cold clown dog, foaming desperate rabies/
you disturb me like informants, like you could ride an Lord it/
NO you'll bow AND I'm boring, I want peace so war's snoring/
yall mad weak an I'm not, being like me aint wutcha want/
the sorrow at the mountaintop, breaks the backs of Gods/
Good men of honest walks, blessed to take their best shots/
buried in an ignored place, a digital trickle hits skulls/
eventually turns to a wave, true craft raises and R.I.P.s/
bitch yep yes I open, dem and we gateways/
places of flame lakes, and ice walls walrus centigrade/
channeling spirits you don't see, morons laugh and trash ace/
why show my ass like trash, defiled beggin for a stage?/
I will not, just bust iLL shots an kill lots/
stack bills drill dots, managing dirt lookin lost/
I'm not........, anyway hun...fuk ya want?/
More stunner haunts? Ambiance a lover's claws?/
a safe place to rest? or my head to disconnect?/
my mouth left jawless? ya merk pockets paved in curses?/
the worst is not wantin, what u paid for in the purchase/
wasted work which, is a sacrifice for NOTHING/
ovens hot you look cuddly, ya ass fulla stuffin ya raps nothin/
No bitch will ever trap me, love is FREE and sets FREE/
company is Free booby, and sex is FREE too G/
Im the truest alive or dead, an your hoe ass bout MONEY/
ya Lucy boss is lost, a sinking system of baby snot/
no foundation dem crown vacant, Im not part of the fakeness/
if there are no safe spaces, to build in enlightened arrangements/
you will stfu, and I will blaze this maze finished/

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