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C-beezy | You Wouldn't Believe [prod. Jacob Lethal] | Lethal Mixtape
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AuthorTopic:  C-beezy | You Wouldn't Believe [prod. Jacob Lethal] | Lethal Mixtape

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posted Friday, December 30, 2016 11:47:46 PM    Click Here to See the Profile for *c-Beezy*
Track | C-Beezy: You Wouldn't Believe
Prod. By | Jacob Lethal ( at jacoblethalbeats)
Additional Prod. | C-Beezy
Mixing & Engineering By | C-Beezy
Song Writers | Casey Jones

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/cbeezydsgb/you-wouldnt-believe-prod-jacob-lethal-lethal-mixtape
Youtube: https://youtu.be/G5ZbWJ5yyDs

| Lyrics |

( Verse 1 | C-Beezy )

Lucky for you,
It ain't so lucky for me

I just had something to prove,
seems like the whole world done gave up on me

Now I'm scared of the truth, too afraid to believe
Nothing to lose , still paying the fees

Not a thing I could do, hope it's maybe a dream
Thinkin "that could be you" as they lay her to sleep

Start tripping cause I've fallen on bad times
Now I've done this shit for the last time

The Nice guy turnt into the Mad mind
I'm so tired watching everybody flatline

Eyes stay closed no nap time
When the eyes stay closed, know it's that time

I don't know what to say, I just hope and I pray
watching folks pass away as a past time

Now I done seen shit that you wouldn't believe
I've believe shit that I shouldn't believe

You see the bum on the block yea that could of been me
… yea that could of been me

I wish I had my dad back, he can see what I've done
But I know he looking down at the man I've become

I was taught to stay humble, never forget where I’m from
Been thru this over and over until the shit done got numb

( Interlude | C-Beezy )

Gotta live ya life from day to day
Never know the price your gonna pay

Now I’m tryna to do the right thang

In hindsight i should of change
In hindsight i should of stayed

Thats all on the mic i gotta say

( Hook | C-Beezy )

Man you wouldn't believe
the shit I've seen, mother gone at age 13

I couldn't believe
The price id pay, that fee, feels like I'm got paid dirt cheap

Man I shouldn't believe
The shit I dream, nightmares like lord don't take her please

Just wait for me,

Man You wouldn't believe,
Man I couldn't believe

Man I shouldn’t believe
Man You wouldn't believe,

( Verse 2 | C-Beezy )

Been thru so much shit that I can't even fathom

Lost both of my parents still mad I don't have em
just Hoping that one day my records go platinum

Been thru so much shit that it's hard to believe

A lot of the shit I was caught in between
I know it got rough Never thought you would leave

Never would of guessed you would do that
They had it in the press, like a news flash

Like its a cold world dawg too bad
This some heavy shit to carry like a tool bag

But you the whole reason that i do rap
reason why i started rapping on the boom bap

reason why I’m only spitting true facts
reason why I’m only spitting true facts

Shit happened to me I ain't think that could happen
I still remember The scene was so tragic

They say it can always be worse but i couldn’t imagine

I wish I had my mom back, she can see how I did it
Always got the truth outta me telling me to admit it

I've always meant what said and I only say if I meant it
I know I owe you my life but one day I'll pay you a visit

( Interlude | C-Beezy )

( Hook | C-Beezy )

( Verse 3 | C-Beezy )

Man this shit is unreal
Guess you weren't meant to be healed

I guess it ain't fit in his will
The shit is making me mentally ill

The price was yo life, and he sent you the bill
so I started rapping to vent how i feel

You just gotta learn how to deal i guess
Cause No ones concern how you feel

i tell ya That's why ya gotta watch ya back
I know it seems a lot to ask

You Never really know which people out here,
Faking, putting on the hockey mask

You see Now I done been to hell and back
And All they say is welcome back

I like plz don't tell me that
This Shits got me eff upped like Im failing class

That why I keep it A1
Cause I can not Forget where I came from

And Yea ive done things that was just plain dumb
But I've always been down since day 1

My mother said “everyone got a day son"...
and ill be ready for when the day come

got the world on my shoulders, this shit weight a ton
Im prepared for my day anyway it may come

( Interlude | C-Beezy )

( Hook | C-Beezy )

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